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Red 2


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Red with coating
Excess Heat
Red with no coating
Yin deficiency
Red tip with Coating
HT fire (Excess)
Red tip with no coating
HT Yin deficiency
Red tip - front 3rd of tongue
Wind-Heat afftecting the LU
Red and swollen sides
LV Fire or Heat in the GB
Red center
ST fire
Red center -- reddish-purple
Blood stagnation in the ST
Red center -- with no coating
ST Yin deficiency
Red root with peeled coating
KD Yin deficiency
Red points - Tip
HT Fire
Red points - Front 3rd
Red points - Sides
LV Fire or Hyperactivity of LV Yang
Red points - Root
KD Yin deficiency (without coating) or Heat in the UB or LI (with coating)
Red, Purple or black spots (larger than points)
Heat and Blood
Red with prickles or "thorns"
Heat at the Nutritive (Ying) Qi level in Upper or Middle Burner (LU or ST)
Red with wet coating
Heat and dampness (ofter due to LV fire or hyperactive Yang plus dampness due to SP deficiency
Red and peeled (no coating)
ST & KD Yin deficiency
Scarlet red and shiny
Yin deficiency of HT or LU

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