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cell phones in school


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1. School is as much about preparing us to live in the real world as it is about educating us in the academics. With that comes learning personal responsibility.
2. Privileges such as having a cell phone in school demands mature and responsible behavior on the student's part otherwise it becomes a detriment to the school setting.
3. So without question, for a student to be allowed cell phones in school, the rules of their usage must be adhered to.
4. Disruption to those around us is not only disrespectful, and ill mannered, but defeats the learning process. So why allow it?
5. Because there are times when it is handy or necessary to be able to make a call, check an appointment, or just make a schedule change.
6. There are times when its use does not interfere with the learning process.
7. And the very act of making the decision of when to use or not use a cell phone challenges each student to behave as an adult, to be responsible, to make the right choice.
8. It empowers students, builds confidence, and helps us mature away from that "I want it right now" child-like behavoir.
9. Students must be given the opportunity to be responsible in order to mature. Maturity does not happen all at once.
10. For most of a student's life, he is told what to do and how to do it.
11. Optimally, parents or other influential adults begin relaxing "the rules" as the youth gets older allowing him or her more freedom of choice in making their own decisions.
12. Of course, this entails also taking responsibility for their actions.
13. Most of the time when bad decisions are made, the penalty is not a life altering experience (jail), but more in the nature of a firm slap on the wrist and I will be watching you, so get it right!
14. In essence, for a youth to be given the opportunity to make their own decisions is an opportunity to grow in a safe enviroment.
15. It is the chance to make mistakes and learn from them so that by the time they are legally considered adults (18, just as they are graduating from high school), they will be ready.
16. Does anyone really believe that phones are not being used on a regular basis just because they are prohibited?
17. What is really happening is that the students are learning sneaky and underhanded ways of getting around the rules in order to use their cell phones.
18. Is beating the system what the administration really wants to instill?
19. Would not the mature approach be to come to an agreement on phone usage and give the students a mature way to conduct themselves?
20. Treat a person as a child, and you will produce a child.
21. One teacher said, "Kids can learn how to use a cell phone at appropriate times, like during recess or btween classes. Banning cell phones won't teach kids how to use them responsibly."

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