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Word Sort Cards for SOL 6.6c


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Layers of gases surrounding the planet Earth and retained by the Earth's gravity.
The atmosphere is divided into four layers based temperature
1. Use the SCIENCE TEXT to extract information on the Earth's atmosphere and it's 4 layers.With your group, use the word sort cards to create a Concept Map Graphic. Once your team has finished and has been checked for accuracy, please rewrite the team's concept map into your interactive notebook adding your personal drawing to assist you in remembering the vocabulary terms.
10 to 50 kilometers (6-31 miles) above Earth's surface
0-10 km (0-6 miles)
prefix -- means "turning" or "changing"
Earth's weather occurs here --
rain, snow, storms, most clouds
temperature highest at ground level and decreses about 6.5 C
for each Kilometer you rise.
prefix -- meaning "layer" or "spreading out"
Layer temperature range --
from 60 C and increases in warmth as altitude increases
Ozone layer containing molecules of a gas called ozone. These molecules absorb a type of solar radiation (ultraviolet rays)that are harmful to life.
Altitude -- 50 to 80 km
(31-56 miles)
Altitude 90 km (56 miles)
Prefix -- means "middle"
This layer is above 99.9% of the molecules of Earth's air
15 degrees C (59 degrees F)
-60 degrees C (-76 degrees F)
0 degrees C (32 degrees F)
-85 degrees C (-120 degrees F)
Air extremely thin. Less than 0.1% of the stmosphere's mass.
Layer extends 80 km (approx. 52 miles)from Earth's surface, extends to outer space - no limits
Meteoroids can be seen burning up in this layer
Near top of atmosphere, very thin air
Air is 0.001 as dense as the air is at sea level
Gas atoms & molecules very far apart.....blend with outer space

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