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Mitosis Chapter 5


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What is heredity(huh RED ut ee)?
Heredity- Is the passing of traits from parent to offspring.
What is alleles (uh LEELZ)?
Alleles- different forms of the same gene
What is dominant?
Dominant- the form of a trait that appears to dominate or mask another form of the same trait.
What is genetic engineering?
Genetic- technology for changing a gene.
What is genetics?
Genetics- the study of heredity.
What is genome?
Genome- a map of the location of individual genes on every chromosome of an individual.
What is genotype?
Genotype- the genetic makeup of an organism for a trait.
What's heterozygous(het uh roh ZI gus)?
Heterozygous- an organism that has two diffrerent
What is homozygous? (ho muh ZI gus)
homozygous- an organism that has two identical alleles for trait.
What is incomplete dominance?
incomplete dominance- when a form intermediate between those of two parents appears
What is what is multiple alleles?
multiple alleles- haveing more than two alleles that control a trait.
What is pedigree?
pedigree- shows the patturn of gene inheritance in a family.
What is phenotype?
phenotype- a physical trait that shows as a result of an organism's particular genotype.

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