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Kahler Fifth Grade Social Studies


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What did Spain establish to spread Christianity throughout its new lands?
Why did Spain need to establish a buffer zone?
to protect its colonies from those of other countries
What were the French traders eager to get from the Native Americans?
beaver fur
What region was called Louisiana in the 1600's?
The area from the Appalachians in the east to the Rockies in the west and from the Great Lakes in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south
Which English pirate led his crew in sailing around the world?
Sir Francis Drake
What is an armada?
a fleet of warships
What was the first permanent English settlement in the Americas?
Why did the Powhatan Confederation fight the English settlers?
the English seized their crops
Why did the seperatists, or Pilgrims, leave England?
to follow their own religion freely
What is the Mayflower Compact?
an agreement among the men on the Mayflower to govern themselves
What is a self-sufficient estate where ranchers produce most of what they need?
a hacienda
What settlement was built on the St. Lawrence River in a place the Huron Indians called kebec?
What group of people did Queen Elizabeth protect because they shared their wealth with the English government?
Who made the following rule for the colonists at Jamestown: anyone who didn't work didn't eat?
John Smith
Where did the Mayflower land and its colonists settle?
What disease, brought over by Europeans, killed many Native Americans?
small pox
With whom did the Native Americans trade fur?
French traders
What group of people persuaded many Native Americans to come Catholic?
Who returned home to get food and supplies for the settlers on Roanoke Island?
John White
What law-making body made the laws for the Virgina Colony?
The House of Burgesses

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