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What is the primary consideration for grooming standards in the Navy
To have a neatly groomed appearance while wearing naval uniforms.
What governs grooming standards for Navy personnel assigned to Marine Corps units who elect to wear and are issued Marine Corps service uniforms
Grooming standards established for Marines
What governs grooming standards for Navy personnel assigned to Marine Corps units who do not elect to wear Marine Corps service uniforms(and are issued ONLY utilities)
Grooming standards established for Navy personnel
When may an electronic pager or cellular phone be worn protruding from or visible on a uniform in an INCONSPICUOUS manner?
While in the performance of duty with the pager/phone issued by the command
How should women's Navy certified handbags be carried while in uniform
Over the left shoulder or forearm, placing the top of the handbag at waist level.
What colored contact lenses may be worn in uniform?
Tinted contact lenses with a natural color
What type of military creases are NOT authorized on shirts
Sewn-in creases
How should uniforms be stored
On hangers
How should uniforms be stored for a long time
They should be cleaned thoroughly, then packed away in an airtight plastic bag with a packet of desiccant for maximum preservation
How can you remove the green copper carbonate from buttons when the pewter plating wears off?
By rubbing gently with acetic acid or any substance containing this acid (such as vinegar or Worcestershire sauce)
What is the rule for polishing metal insignia
Will not be polished to the degree that the basic details of the standard insignia are defaced, removed, or altered in general appearance
How may women wear a multiple braid hair style
When braids are of uniform dimension, small in diameter (approx 1/4 inch) and tightly interwoven to present a neat, professional, well groomed appearance
How is the appropriateness of a womens hairstyle judged
By its appearance when headgear is worn.
What is the maximum length for the bul of a womens hair, as measured from the scalp
Must not exceed approximately two inches
When may a beard be worn by men
When a shaving waiver has been authorized by the commanding officer per BUPERSINST 1000.22
What is the appearance for a beard if a shaving waiver is authorized?
No facial/neck hair shall be shaved, manicured, styled or outlined nor exceed 1/4th inch in length
When may wigs or hairpieces be worn by active duty personnel while in uniform or duty status
ONLY for cosmetic reasons to cover natural baldness or physical disfigurement
What type of eyelashes must not be worn by women when in uniform
Long false eye lashes
What is the maximum length for mens fingernails
must not extend past the fingertips
What is the maximum length for womens fingernails
must not extend 1/4th inch measured form the fingertip
When may ankle bracelets be worn?
When NOT in uniform
How many wristwatches / bracelets may be worn while in uniform
Only one of each may be worn
What is the maximum length for an individual hair on a man
No more than four inches in length
The MAA/Law Enforcement Badges may NOT be worn on what uniforms
Formal and Dinner dress

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