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Chem midterm 2


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What is the #1 gas in the air we breathe?
How would you express the number 7200 to three significant figures?
7.20 X 10^3
What is the name of the phase change from gas directly to solid?
What is the #1 element in the Earth’s crust?
Aluminum has an electron configuration
of 2-8-3. What do these numbers mean?
Which metal is not solid at room temperature?
How many celsius degrees between the melting and boiling points of water?
How many objects are there in a mole?
6.02 (10^23)
What is the total number of protons, electrons, and neutrons in an atom of carbon-12?
What is the color of visible light with the least energy?
The heat of fusion involves what 2 phases of matter?
What is the SI unit for energy?
What is the name of a diatomic gas in Group 16?
How many significant figures are there in the number 3.0?
What is the difference between atomic number and mass number?
Atomic number is number of protons. Mass number is sum of protons and neutrons.
What is the meaning of the symbols in the equation E = hv?
The amount of energy a quantum of light has equals the frequency times Planck's constant (6.63) (10^-34)
What is the name of the group that contains bromine?
What is the formula for density?
density = mass/volume
What is body temperature in Celsius?
What atom is the basis for the definition of the atomic mass unit (amu)?
What is the general name for the elements in the d-block?
Transition metals
In what type of bond do both electrons come from one atom?
? Ionic bond
How many orbitals are there in a p sublevel?
How many electrons are there in a double bond and in a triple bond?
4 in a double bond, 6 in a triple bond
What type of energy is potential energy?
? Stored energy
Burning a log is what type of change?
Chemical change
What is the name of the group that includes calcium?
Alkaline Earth metals
Who is credited with the gold foil experiment?
Regarding separation, what is the difference between a mixture and a compound?
A mixture can be physically seperated through chromatography, sometimes the use of magnets, distillation, filtration, and a seperatory funel. The only way to separate a compound is chemicaly through electrolysis
What are 3 properties of metals?

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