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American Nurses Association, social policy statement
Internaltional Council of Nurses
Naional Leaugue of Nursing
National student Nurses
a set of attributes, a way of life that implies responsibility and commitment
Signma theta tau
Honor society of nursing
requirement necessary for sustaining life and achieveing optimal functioning
self-care agency
Acquired capability (ind ability) to meet one's continuing requirements for care of self
self-care requisite
When an indiv. cannot meet self care demands, self-care requiaites exists.
3.Health Deviation
self-care deficit
Inability to care or self care or dependant others cannot meet self requisites (cannot administer self-care)
dependant care agency
theraputic self-care demand
The goal of nursing is to help people meet their own theraputic self-care demand
Florence Nightingale
Identified personal needs of pt and role as nurse in meeting them
Established standards for hospital management and nursing education, respected occupation
Virginia Henderson
one of the first to define nursing, concerned with body of healthy and ill.
Lillian Wald
founder of public health nursing
Definitions of Nursing
caring, art,science, client centered, holistic, adaptive, concerned with health promotion, maintenance, and health restoration
health promotion
enhancing healthy life styles
illness prevention
by immunization,prenatal and infant care,and prevention of STD
restoration of health
providing direct care to the ill person,performing diagnostic and assesment procedures, teaching clients about recovery activities, rehabilitating clients to their optimal functional level
Roles and Functions of the nurse
caregiver, communicator, teacher, client advocate,councelor, change agent, leader, manager, case manager, research consumer, expanded career roles
Criterias for profession:
- specialized knowledge
-body of knowledge
-service orientation, guided rules, policies, code of ethics
-ongoing research
-code of ethics
Factors that influence contemporary nursing
-economics (greater financial support provided through public and private health insurance)
-family structure
-science and technology
-collective bargaining
-nursing associations
-womans movement
Baccalaureate Degree
4 years of schooling
Associates Degree
2 years of schooling
3 years of schooling
Licenced Practice nurse
Graduate nursing program
4+ years of schooling
General Nursing Theory
-theory for universal application
Benners stages of nursing expertise
1. Novice
2. Advanced Beginner
3. Competent
Aims of Nursing
promote health
prevent illness
restore health
To facilitate coping with disablity
Nurse as a proffession and discipline
practice in a wide variety of settings
develop in a specific body of knowledge, recognize role in promoting health,use nursing knowledge as a base for practice
Nurse Practice Acts
protects the public
define legal scope of nursing practice
exclude untrained or unlicensed
Create a state board of nursing
Make and enforce rules and regulations
Nursing practive acts cont..
define important terms and activities
in nursing, provide legal requirements and titles RN's, LPN's , Establish criteria for education and license-sure
Nursing process
one of major guidelines for nursing practice for nursing practice, helps nurses implement their roles, allows nurses to critical think, defines areas of care that are win the domain
Traditional Knowledge
passed down from generation to generation
Authoritative Knowledge
Comes from and expert
Scientific Knowledge
Arrived at through scientific method
Philosophy type of knowledge
The study of wisdon
process type of nursing
conceptual and theories
Societal Influences
Schools of Nursing
Group of concepts that describe a pattern of reality, can be tested, changed, or used to guide reasearch
abstract impressions organized into symbols of reality (conceptual framework or model
Deductive Reasoning
examines general ideas and considers specific actions or ideas
Inductive Reasoning
builds from specific ideas or actions to conclusions about general ideas
Goals of theoretical framework
holistic pt care , care to meet needs of pt, promotion of health, prevention or treatment of illness
Common Concepts in nursing theories
Environment, Health, Nursing
Adaptation Theory
Adjustment of living matter to other living things and environment
Developmental Theory
orderly and predictable growth and delevopment
Benefits of Theories
direct nurse towards common goal, leads to improve pt care,gives nurse knowledge base necessary for appropriate actions. serves research, education, and practice
Goals of Research
Develop explanations(in theories)
Find solutions to problems
Goals of Nursing Research
care of people in clinical settings
study of people and nursing process
education, ethics, policy devel., nursing history,provide EBP, devel. a greater autonomy and strengths as a profession
Quantitative Research
Involves concepts of basic and applied research, descriptive, correlational, Quasi- Experimental, experimental,
Types of Quantitative Research
Steps in Quantitative Research
State the research problem
Define purpose of study
review related literature
formulate hypothesis
select research design
Steps in Quantitative Research continued
select population and sample
collect data
analyze data
communicate finding and conclusions
Terms in Quantitative Research
dependent variable
independent variable
Data, and Instruments
Protecting rights of research subjects
informed consent
federal regulation
review boards
Components of a Research Journal
Abstract (brief outline of research)
discussion ans references
Qualitative Research
conducted to gain insight by discovering meanings
Based on belief that reality is based on various and differing perceptions
Qualitative Methods
Grounded Theory

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