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amnesia patients typically experience a disruption of
explicit memory
the process of getting info out of memory storage is called
which of the following was not reccommended as a strategy for improving memory
speed racing
studies nu loftus and palmer in which people were quicced about a film of an accident indicate that
people recall may easily be affected by misleading info.
which of the following best describes the typical forgetting curve
steady rapid decline in retention over time
jenkins and dallenbach found that memory was better in subjects who were
asleep during retention interval mostly because interference was recduced
which measure of retention is the least sensitive in triggering retrieval
amnesia victims typically have experienced damage to the
according to the serial position effect when recalling a list of words you should have the greatest difficulty with
the middle of the list
when participants were tested on recall after a delay the items that were best recalled were
at the beginning and at the end of the list.
lashleys studies in which rates had learned a maze and then had various parts of their brain removed showed that memory
remained no matter which area of the brain was removed
the disruptiojn of memory that occurs when football players are knocked out provides evidence for the importance of
consolidation of the formation of new memory
long term potentiation
the increased efficiency of synaptic transmission between certain neurons following learing.
repression is an example of
motivated forgetting.
craik and tulving had research perticipants process words visually acoustically semantically. in a subsequent recall test which type of processing resulted in the greated retention.
info is retained in short term memory only7 briefly unless it is
chapters are often organized into________ in order to facilitate information processing
memory researchers are suspicious of long repressed memories of traumatic eventes that are recovered with the aid of drugs of hypnosis because
such experiences usually are vividly remembered
such memories are unreliable and easily influenced by misfinfo
memories of events happening before about age 3 are especially unreliable

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