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cell history


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-Invented microscope
-first to see life in a drop of water, opened up a whole new world to study
Anton van Leeuwenhoek (Holland, 1600)
-first to see cells
-looked at cork, reminded him of the "cells" of the monks
Robert Hooke (England, 1600)
-discovered that every cell had a dark center (nucleus)
Robert Brown (Scotland, 1833)
discovered that all plants are made of cells
Matthais Schleiden (Germany, 1838)
Discovered that all animals have cells
Theodor Schwann 1839
discovered that all cells come from other cells
Rudolf Virchow (germany, 1855)
Cell Theory
1. all living things are made of cells
2. cells are the basic unit of life
3. cells come from other cells

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