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AP Psychology Preface


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The Greek philosopher who believed that intelligence was inherited was:
To say that "psychology is a science" means that:
psychologists approach the study of thoughts and actions with careful observation and rigorous analysis
In defining psychology, the text notes that psychology is most accurately described as a:
way of asking and answering questions
Today, psychology is defined as the:
scientific study of behavior and mental processes
Which seventeenth-century philosopher believed that some ideas are innate?
The philosophical views of John Locke are those of Rene Descartes as ___ is to ____.
nurture is to nature
Francis Bacon's ideas led most directly to the scholarly view known as:
The seventeenth-century philosopher who believed that the mind is blank at birth and that most knowledge comes through sensory experience is:
Psychology is defined as the "scientific study of behavior and mental processes." Wilhelm Wundt would have omitted which of the following words from this definition?
behavior and
The first psychology laboratory was established by ____ in the year ___
Wundt; 1879
Who would be most likely to agree with the statement, "Psychology is the science of mental life"?
Wilhelm Wundt
In psychology, "behavior" is best defined as:
any action we can observe and record

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