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Autonomic NS


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Nicotinic Receptors
-ACh receptor
-blocked by curare on skeletal muscles
-blocked by hexamethonium on ANS ganglion
Muscarinic Receptors
-ACh receptor
-blocked by atropine on cardiac and smooth muscle and glands
Alpha-1 Receptors
-NE receptor
-activation leads to contraction of smooth muscle in blood vessels
Alpha-2 Receptors
-NE receptor
-Found on adrenergic presynaptic membrane
-Acts as an autoreceptor for NE to inhibit further release
Beta-1 receptors
-NE receptor
-activation increases heart rate and force of contraction
Beta-2 receptor
-NE receptor
-activation relaxes GI tract smooth muscle and some vascular smooth muscle
Neurotransmitters used in ANS
ACh, NE, ATP/adenosine, NO, Serotonin, Dopamine, GABA
Termination of NE action in ANS
1. Re-uptake of NE by active transport (70%) folloed by breakdown with MAO
2. Diffusion of NE from synaptic cleft into capillaries
3. Extra-neuronal uptake of NE followed by MAO beakdown
Neurotransmitter used between per-and post-ganglionic cells of ANS
NT released by adrenal medulla
NE (20%), Epi(80%)
*only innervated by sympathetic division

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