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Article 1021 navy regs
Authority over subordinates
Art. 1022 navy reg.
Delegation of authority
Art. 1024 navy reg.
Always follow last order given
Art. 1033 navy reg
Senior line officer eligible for command at sea. Authority in a boat.
Art. 1038 navy reg.
Authority of a sentry
Art. 1112 navy reg
Lending money not to exceed 18%
Art. 1158 navy reg.
Quality and Quantity of Rations
⬢ Privileges that may be temporarily withheld include
special liberty, exchange of duty, special pay, special command programs, base or ship liberties, movies, command parking, and special service events
⬢ All authorized uniforms that are reissued will have
a red “DC” marked on them by the Chief Master-at-Arms.
Chapter 7 in the SORM
safety program
concurrent jurisdiction
The equal right of jurisdiction
CPO are considered
operating management. They supervise goal completion.
Feed forward control
is a way of trying to anticipate problems and make adjustments before the problems occur.
Concurrent control
involves making changes while an event is taking place.
involves making corrections after an event has happened.
Line organizations
the major departments responsible for accomplishing the mission of the command.
line organizations include
Normally the departments are Deck, Engineering Operations, Weapons or Combat Systems and Air.
Staff organizations
refer to personnel who advise, counsel, and serve the line departments.
⬢ Functional organizations
refer to special departments such as Medical, Safety, Legal, and Administrative Department.
Delegation of Authority to
⬢ Always delegate authority to the lowest level competent to handle the specific responsibility
Line authority
is the authority you have over subordinates in your chain of command.
⬢ Coercive power
results from the expectation of a negative reward if your wishes are not obeyed.
Referent power
derives from your subordinate’s identification or association with you
(DD Form 200
Report of Survey (DD Form 200) to document expenditure of a accountable material.
The Selective Training and Reenlistment STAR program offers career designation to first term members who reenlist and establish career eligibility for the following incentives
The Selective Conversion and Reenlistment (SCORE) program offers the following career incentives to members who reenlist for conversion to critically undermanned ratings:
has coverage available while personnel are on active duty and up to 120 days after separation from the Navy.
Navy Mutual Aid Society
is the only organization offering supplemental insurance.
Zone A
is for people who have completed 21 months of continuous active Naval service, but not more than 6 years of active military service, immediately preceding the date of reenlistment.
Zone B
is for people who have completed 6 but not more than 10 years of active military service immediately preceding the date of reenlistment.
Zone C
is for people who have completed 10 but not more than 14 years of active military service on the date of reenlistment.
Chief Warrant Officer Program
you must be CPO, SCPO, or MCPO and must have completed at least 12 years but not more than 24 years of active service.
Limited Duty Officer (LDO) program
you must be serving as a PO1, CPO, or SCPO on 1 October of the years in which the application is made. (Note: if a PO1, the applicant must have served in that capacity for at least 1 year as of 1 October).
Also, you must have completed at least 8 years but not more than 16 years of active naval service.
The Ombudsman Program was first set up in
to manage incompetently or dishonestly
the identification and reporting of fraud, waste, and abuse.
Intentional misleading or deceitful conduct that deprives the government of its resources or rights.
The extravagant, careless, or needless expenditure of government resources, resulting from improper or deficient practices, system, control, or decisions.
- Abuse-
the intention, wrongful, or improper use of government resources that is misuse of rank, position, or authority.
who is responsible for maintaining a master WQS Bill
The XO
Who updates and changes the WQS Bill
Division officers
- intervals
are normally one arm’s length measured between individuals from shoulder to shoulder
- guide
the individual on whom a formation or element regulates its alignment. The guide is usually positioned to the right
- Pace
is the length of a full step (30 inches for men and 24 inches for women).
- Step
The distance from heel to heel between the feet of a marching person. The half step and back step are 15 inches. The right and left steps 12 inches.
The first mention of the chief petty officer
Was in 1775
Chief petty officer was fist used for
the ship’s master–at-arms
⬢ The male CPO rating badge measures
3 ¼’’ across
females CPO rating badge measures
2 ½’’ across
Hash marks of stripes male
7 inches long and 3/8 inches wide for male
Female hash marks are
5 ¼ inches long and ¼ inch wide
⬢ A mishap
is an unplanned or unexpected event causing material loss or damage, or causing personnel injury or death
The safety council meets
once a month

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