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Earth Science Midterm Review


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Study origin, history, and structure of earth and processes that shape it. EExplore crust for minerals and resources. Plan water supply systems. (Geologists)
Study of extraterrestrial objects and events. Study stars, planets, interstellar gases, etc.
Study of the weather and related phenomenon. Forecast weather, study air
pollution, study of climate. (Meteorologists)
Study of oceanic phenomena. Measure ocean depth and terrain, track currents, and study life forms. (Oceanographers)
Latitude lines
Distances in degrees north and south of the ecuator. THey are also called parallels because they run east and west parallel to the equator.
0* Latitude
North pole
90* North Latitude
South Pole
90* South Latitude
60 Minutes
The dividend of the degree.
Longitude lines
Measure distances in degrees east and west of the Prime Meridian.
Newton's 1st Law
If a force is applied to an object, that object will stay in motion until a force stops it.
Newton's 2nd Law
Force will cause a change in an object's motion
Newton's 3rd Law
For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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