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Chemistry Chapter 1 Vocabulary


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Volume (1.4)
property that indicates the space an object occupies, which can later be determined by multiplying area by height
Theory (1.2)
a well-tested hypothesis thta predicts future events
Solid (1.9)
substance with a definite volume and shape (rigid)
Submicroscopic (1.9)
on an invisible level
Slope (1.7)
the ratio of the change in y to the corresponding change in x for any two points on a line
SI Base Units (1.4)
system of measurement used in science based on the decimal system
Quantity (1.3)
property that can be measured and described by a number and a unit that names the standard used
Melting (1.8)
term to describe the change of a solid to a liquid
Model (1.2)
representation (picture, diagram, idea) intended to ocnvey information about another object or event
Macroscopic Observations (1.8)
large views (common observations) of matter
Liquid (1.9)
substance that flows and takes the shape of its container
Inference (1.2)
interpretation of an observation
Hypothesis (1.2)
a temporary scientific explanation for an observed regularity
Gas (1.9)
substance that takes the shape of and fills its container
Fluid (1.9)
any substance that flows
Density (1.7)
ratio between the mass and the volume of a substance
Data (1.5)
plural term used for the observations and facts collected in science
Constant (1.7)
quantity that has the same value as the slope of a straight-line graph representing a direct proportion
Classification (1.2)
system of organizing similar things into vategories according to common characteristics
Chemical Changes (1.8)
change that produces a new kind of matter with different properties
Area (1.4)
number of squares of a given size needed to cover a surface

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