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Spanish Culture Trivia


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When did Spaniards arrive in Mexico?
During what centuries did Los Reyes Católicos rule?
Late 15th and early 16th centuries
Of what country was Panamá formerly a part?
What is the name of the institution that persecuted Jews & Moslems in Spain?
The Spanish Inquisition
In what year did the last Spanish Civil War begin?
At what port did Cortés arrive?
Simón Bolivar fought for the independence of which five countries?
Colombia, Venezuela, Perú, Ecuador & Bolivia
What parade has taken place in New York every year since 1951?
Desfile Puertorriqueño
What set fire on his ships after promising never to return to Spain?
Hernán Cortés
When did the French defeat the Mexican army?
Why do many southwestern cities in the U.S. have Spanish names like Amarillo, El Paso, San Diego?
They were a part of Mexico
Who was the general who was the dictator in Spain after the Civil War?
Francisco Franco
Which Carthaginian general used Spain as a base to attack the Romans?
What was Juan Perón’s first wife’s name?
What Landmarks can you see in Teotihuacán?
The pyramids of the Sun and the Moom
What were the two Indian tribes that Columbus and other explorers encountered in the Caribbean islands?
Arawaks and Caribes
What famous explorer founded San Juan?
Juan Ponce de León
In what century did the Moors take over southern Spain?
The 8th century
What was the original name of the city of San Juan?
Puerto Rico
What Spanish conquistador founded Cali, Colombia?
Sebastián de Belalcázar
What main avenue in Mexico was built by Maximilian?
Paseo de la Reforma
What Spanish group of people is believed to be descended from the ancient Ibereians?
The Basques
What city was founded in 1706 in New Mexico as a Spanish faming community?
What century life style is shown in las Meninas?
The 17th Century

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