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Biology the cell


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During what phase are chromosomes visible?
What is a cell plate
A structure in the middle of the cytoplasm of a plant cell separating the nucleii during cell division
What process follows mitosis?
Cytokinesis-separation of the cytoplams
Define mitosis
Mitosis is the separating of the nucleus during cell division.
Define cell cycle
The steps that a cell goes through during cell division making two new cells
4 phases of cell division in plant and animal cells
Prophase-chromosomes condense--- Metaphase-Chromosomes line up along equator--- Anaphase- Chromosomes group at end near spindle---Telophase-nuclear envelope form around chromosomes
What happens when a cell injected with cytoplasm from a cell that is undergoing mitosis?
The cell begins the process of cell division???
WHat is one difference between cell division in plant cells and in animal cells?
During cytokinesis, plant cells form a cell plate between the cytoplasm and animal cells just form a cell membrane
What three things regulate the cell cycle?
internal and external regulators of proteins like cyclins and molecules on the surface of neighbor cells
The speed with which wastes are produced by a cell depend on the cell's
Surface area and volume of the cell
During what 2 phases are chromosomes visible as X's?
Prophase and Metaphase
If a parent cell has 4 chromosomes, how many will each duagher cell have?
How do you calculate the surface area to volume ratio?
Surface area: = 1 x width x 6
divided by volume 1 x width x height
What problems does cell division solve for a cell?
If the cell grew too big, it could not make enough DNA for the cell's needs and it would not have enough surface area to get rid of waste or to get in enough food and oxygen
If the length of a cell increases 10 times, how much will its volume increase?
10 x 10 x 10 or 1000
Cancer cells from masses are called
What happens with a cell that has a defective p53 gene?
It divides uncontrolably or doesn't follow the rules of cell growth
What are the two main stages of cell division?
Mitosis and cytokinesis
What factor stops normal cells from growing?
cell regulators
What is a tumor
Mass of cells that grow against the rules.
What types of cells does cancer effect?
Cancer effects all cells
When in the cell cycle is DNA replicated?
In the S phase
What happens when cells come in contact with each other?
They stop growing or dividing
What can you assume when a cell divide?
That the organism is alive
When do chromosomes line up along the equator of the cell?
What problems do large cells have?
Not enough surface area to take in oxgyen and food and to give off waste.
What is cancer?
Cells that do not respond to the signals that regulate cell growth and grow out of control
List the phases of mitosis in order
Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telephase
What is the role of the spindle during mitosis?
helps separate the chormosomes

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