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AP Government Vocab Unit VII


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Iron triangle
something used to describe the relationship among a government agency, a congressional committee, and a private interest group that work together to pass legislation that is deemed mutually benificial.
Gender Gap
The fact that women and men vote differently
Political Socialization
The process by which individuals aquire their political beliefs and attitudes
Agent of Socialization
Those groups and institutions which contribute to the process of political socialization
Stucturing Tendancy
political beliefs and attitudes; what is learned first structures later learning
Interest Group
An organized body of individuals who share some political goals & try to influence public policy
John Q. Public
The common Man
Middle America
americans who have moved out of poverty but are not yet affluent and who cherish middle-class values
silent majority
a phrase used to describe people, whatever their economic status, who upload traditional values, especially against the counterculture
A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status
Bully Pulpit
An advantageous position, as for making one's views known or rallying support
a person attempting to influence gov't decisions on behalf of an interest group
Fiscal Policy
the set of principles and decisions of a government in setting the level of public expenditure and how that expenditure is funded
Monetary Policy
the government or central bank process of managing money supply to achieve specific goals
Majoritarian Politics
electoral system is one which is based on single-member constituencies
Client Politics
the type of politics when an organized minority or interest group benefits at the expense of the public
Pluralist Theory
a guiding principle which permits the peaceful coexistence of different interests, convictions and lifestyles
Policy Entrepenuer
a politician who seeks to further his own political career and popularity by pursuing the creation of policy that pleases the populace
an alliance among entities, during which they cooperate in joint action, each in their own self-interest
Elitist Theory
the belief that decisions should be (or are) being made essentially according to the interests or ideas of elites.
Political Ideology
a coherent and consistent set of beliefs about who ought to rule, what principles rulers should obey, and what policies they ought to persue
Equal Time Rule
an obligation on broadcasters to give all candidates equal access to the media
Right of Reply
the right to defend one's self against criticism
On the Record
for publication
Off the Record
given or made in confidence and not for publication
Random Sample
a sample selected in such a way that any member of the population being surveyed has an equal chance of being interviewed
Sampling error
the difference between the results of two surveys or samples
one that guards against loss, waste, theft, or undesirable practices
a person who controls access
One who favors more government regulation of business & support for social welfare but less regulation of private social order
one who favors limited and local gov't, less gov't regulation of markets, and more social conformity to traditional norms and values
one who is liberal on economic and personal conduct issues
one who is conservative on both economic and personal conduct issues
journalism that seizes on information that might question the character or qualifications of a public official
yellow journalism
a pejorative reference to journalism that features scandal-mongering, sensationalism, jingoism or other unethical or unprofessional practices by news media organizations or individual journalists

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