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Ancient History Flashcards - Kings or People


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a king of Upper Egypt who gathered the forces of the south and led them north to invade Lower Egypt
an Egyptian prince who raised an army and drove the Hyksos out
a woman pharaoh in Egypt around 1480 B.C.
Thutmose III
an Egyptian pharaoh, stepson of Hatsheput, who conquered Syria
name was originally Ahmenhotep, and he claimed to be the supreme deity, the sun-disk god Aton
Ramses II
fought the Hittites for control of Syria
from central Asia and settled in the lower part of the Tigris-Euphrates valley; Sumer was birthplace of the first cities
Sargon I
first empire builder in Mesopotamia; people were Akkadians
Babylonian ruler whose greatest achievement was his effort to emake justice appear in the land; created 282 sections written down
Israelite king who fought Goliath and set up a capital at Jerusalem
founded new cities and constructed a temple to God in Jerusalem
a Babylonian king who conquered the city of Jerusalem and the city-state of Tyre; built the hanging gardens
Cyrus II
Persian king who seized Babylon and conquered the Chaldean Empire
Darius I
a Perian king who divided the realm into provinces and assigned satraps; waged war against Greece
made a Persian campaign to defeat Greece, but he was defeated
preached that the world was divided by a struggle between good and evil
Philip II
a Macedonian king who was determined to do three great things: create a strong army, unify the quarrelign Greek city-states, and destroy the Persian empire
Alexander the Great
a young Macedonian king who conquered key cities of the Persian empire; he had a goal to create an empire that would unite Europe and Asia and combine the best of the Persian and Greek cultures
a philosopher who was attracted to the process by which people learned how to think by themselves
one of Socrates's pupil; a philosopher and he gave more importance to the state than to the individual; wrote the Republic
a philosopher who wrote more than 200 books ranging from astronomy to political science; wrote book cakked Politics
established democracy for Athens
Athenian legislator who wrote down a code of laws in 621 B.C. (draconian = very severe law)
a blind Greek poet who wrote the two most famous Greek epics--the Iliad and the Odyssey
Athenian general who led Athens through the Golden Age; died during Peloponesian War of the plague
a Greek king who stood firm at Thermoplylae, battling the Persians in the Persian War
poet-lawmaker who became leader of Athens after Draco; canceled land debts and freed debtors from slavery
succeeded Solon and exended citizenship to men who did not own land

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