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Art Terms 2


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a balanced of parts o nopposite sides of a perceived midline, giving the appearance of equal visual weight
the part of the picture plane that seems to be farthest from the viewer
the way in which the elements in visual arts are arranged to create a feeling of equilibrium in an artwork
a work of art created by arranging and gluing assorted materials onto a flat surface
the visual sensation dependent on the reflection or absorption of light from a given surface
Color wheel
a circular diagram of the spectrum used to show the relationships between the colors
Differences between two or more elemets (e.g. value, color, texture) in a composition; juxtaposition of dissimilar elements in a work of art
the plan, conception, or organization of a work of art
an emphasis of one aspect, characteristic or quality in an image in relation to all others
Elements of art
the visual "tools" artists use to create art. The categories include line, color, shape, space,light and texture
use of only one hue or color, that can vary in value or intensity
Computer programs that involve users in the design and organization of text, graphics, video, and sound in one presentation
oil-based pigment used with paint thinner, turpentine, or other non-water-based suspension
One-point perspective
a way to shoe 3-D objects on a 2-D surface, lines appear to go away from the viewer meet at a single point on the horizon known as the vanishing point
Performance art
a type of art in which an event or events are planned and enacted before an audience for aesthetic reasons
the transference of an image from one surface (plate or block) to another (usually paper) using ink
three-dimensional artwork to be seen either in the round (from all sides) or as a base relief (a low relief in which figures protrude only slightly from the background).
a slight or pale coloration
interception of force or energy
a rhythmic succession of single tones organized into a cohesive or aesthetic whole
written documentation of musical notes indicating pitch and rhythm for performance
a drame set to music for voices and orchestra and presented with costumes and sets
the actual act of making music; sometimes used to mean a musical presentation
a musical idea comparable to a sentence or a clause in language; may be complete or incomplete
the location of a note in relation to its highness or lowness
a performance of a work that involves staging-costumes, scenery, etc.-as well as music. The term may also refer to the costumes, scenery, and so on, as distinct from the music
1-an entire concert or recital (2) the printed booklet given to audience members at a concert, opera, recital, etc. (3) a literary text, a place, an event, or the like, on which a musical composition is based
a program by a soloist or by 2 performers (soloist and sccompanist, or a duo)
combinations of long ans short, or even or uneven sounds that establish a musical continuum and convey a sense of movement
the organized notation of all of the instrumental and/or vocal parts of a composition
the horizontal lines on and between which notes are written
a composition for orchestra, usually in four movements
the pace at which music moves according to the speed of the underlying beat
the way something feels to the touch
Theme and variation
a compositional form in which a theme is clearly stated and is followed by a number of variations
the color or quality of a musical tone
Time Signature
a sign used in music to indicate meter, usually written as a fraction with the bottom number indicating the kind of note to be played as a unit of time and the top number indicating the number of units in each measure
Twelve-bar blues
a chord pattern often used in blues music based on the 1st, 4th, and 5th, chords and teh blues scale in specific order within twelve bars.
Vocal, vocalist
vocal means of the voice; vocalist is a synonym for singer
art that does not attempt to represet the appearance of objects, real or imaginary
a strong cloth which, since the Renaissance, many artists have used as a surface for painting
Complementary Colors
colors which fall directly opposite each other on the color wheel. ex; blue/orange
Primary Colors
Blue,yellow,red. Colors from which all other colors are derived
Secondary Colors
colors made by mixing equal proportions of any two primary colors
the placement of forms, shapes, colors, and light and dark areas in a work of art
Contour Lines
outside and inside lines defining an image or shape
the illusion of space in a picture plane
Focal point
an area of an artwork that first attracts and usually sustains the viewer's attention
in a scene or artwork, the part that seems closest to the viewer
shapes and forms related to mathematical principles
subjects and scenes depicting everyday life
the implication of motion in a shape
refers to the common name of the color such as red or green
Horizon Line
a level line where water or land seems to end and the sky begins
work of art created to accompany a story or other literary work in print
thick, opaque paint applied with a brush,knife or fingers, creating various textural fewtures on the surface of the painting
a style of painting that seeks to represent the momentary effects of sunlight on color
the scenery of an inland area, a painting or drawing of the land or natural environment
a print made by drawing on a flat, porous limestone with greasy material, then applying greasy ink which adheres only to the drawn lines
the material used to make a work of art
a large painting or artwork, generally designed for and created on the wall or ceiling of a public building
a tray or board on which colors of paint are mixed
a technique for creating the illusion of depth on a 2-D surface
a picture of a person or images that portray a person
the relationship of one object to another in size, shape, number or degree
a style in which an artists try to create an image that resembles the natural world
the outline of a figure or form
Still Life
an arrangement of fruit, flowers, food, or assorted objects
a drawing that may be used to try out an idea or plan out another work
something that stands for something else
a type of paint made from a mixture of powdered pigments (colors), egg yolk, and distilled water

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