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3. Foods and Energy Fields


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What is the "energy field" of food?
The vitality (life-force) of the food. We receive nourishment from the food AND from the energy field of the food. Fresh, quality foods have better life force than canned/frozen foods.
What factors influence the vitality of foods? (7)
Fragmentation (refinement)
Temperature (cooking)
Cold storage
Chemical additives
How do cooking methods impact on the vibration and qualities of food? (6)
*The way we feel influences the food we choose and the way we cook it.
* Aim for simple foods, simple preparation and a rainbow of vegetables
* Cooking adds warmth
* To add moisture - steam, water saute
* To add dryness - grill, oven bake
* To add energy - stirfry
* To harmonise and calm - slowcook
* For lightness - little or no salt
* For concentrated energy - salt and oil, cooked quickly over high heat (stirfrying)
Why is regular use of a microwave not recommended?
1) Vibrations alter food's molecular structure
2) loss of 60-90% of the vital energy of the food
What is normal blood pH?
How are foods classified acid or alkaline?
Classified according to their effects on the body, their metabolic residue.
What proportion of the diet should acid foods represent?
20% (80% should be alkaline)
Name some alkaline foods
Most fruits and veg
soy products
olive oil
sprouted beans/seeds
almonds, brazil nuts
adzuki beans
Name some acid foods
meat (including fish)
most cereals and grains
most legumes
most nuts
dairy products
raw tomatoes (alkaline if cooked)
What are buffers?
Foods that are either acid or alkaline, depending on their mineral content.
* yoghurt
* soy products inc tofu
* raw dairy (not avail in Aus)
Is any food neutral (ie, not acid, not alkaline?)
What happens if your diet is not 80:20 alkaline:acid?
Your body will try to clear the excess acid/alkaline via your kidneys, skin and mucous membranes.
What are the principle benefits of food combining?
* The best for digestion is to eat only one food at a meal. If you are eating more than one food, there are "rules" for combining foods to allow easiest and best digestion.
*An elaborate diet encourages overindulgence and puts stress on our digestive systems (to produce different enzymes simultaneously)
Name some poor food combinations
Protein + starch (carbs)
Fruit with anything
Milk with anything
Name some good food cominations
Vegetables with proteins
Vegetables with starches
Starches with fats

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