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English Final Prep


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Define Existentialism
People give meaning to the universe through their actions. Each person is free to make moral choices that define him/her as a person and it gives meaning to their life.
What culture did "how the world was made" come from?
what did the cheyanne believe in?
-all parts contribute to the whole
-everyone is important
-god has limited powers
Who is the god in "how the world was made"? Was he kind and loving?
Maheo. Very loving, fatherly, and understanding
What culture did "wooden people" come from?
What is the Mayan version of the Bible?
Popul Vuh
Who is the god in "wooden people"? Is he loving and kind?
Heart of Sky. No, he is hateful, vengeful, and irresponsible
what is the motif in "wooden people"?
the flood
Why is the Heart of Sky mad in "wooden people"?
His people don't worship him. this is actually b/c he didnt put brains in them
What does "wooden people" explain the origin of?
How many powers did Maheo have in "how the world was made?"
Who is the hero in "how the world was made"?
a coot
What does "how the world was made" describe the origin of?
why the coot tastes like mud and people dont eat him; also, why ALL turtles walk slowly (grandmother turtle set the pace of all)
Who does Maheo place the earth on in "how the world was made"?
Grandmother turtle
What did Maheo make people out of in "how the world was made"?
His rib
What did the Mayans believe in?
Everything has life
What 6 things does a trickster do?
1.leaves chaos behind
2.rebels against authority
3.not necisarily evil
5.can bring change to community
What are 3 good qualities of a trickster?
What was the major problem in "coyote & origin of death"?
over population, so most would die and come back later, but coyote closed the door for people coming back
What does the "coyote and the origin of death" explain the origin of?
Death and why the coyote is so skinny and looks over his shoulder

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