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ch1pathophysiology structnfunct cell compon


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cells become specialized thorough what process
eight specialized cellular functions are ?
functions of nucleus?
cell division and control of genetic information
cytoplasm what is it?
aqueous solution called cytosol cell liquid fills space betwwen nucl n plas memb
has fat and carbs in it
describe specifically where organelles are
suspended in the cytoplasm and enclosed in biological membranes
endoplasmic reticulum L and F
tubular channels L:network ext tout outer nuclear membrane F: synth and trp protein and lipid for organell
Golgi complex L and F
L: net of smooth membrane and vesicles nr nucleus. F: proc packaging proteins for extra, intracellular, plasma membrane
Cell injury causes release of
lysosomal enzymes that cause cellular self digestion
Peroxisomes and Lysosomes
Peroxisomes similar to Lysosomes, both digest cell parts to FA,AA,sugars. Peroxi kills with peroxide.
F: make atp inner membrane enzymes make most of it ETC
bone and muscle of cell composed pf network of protein filaments -microtubules, actin filaments.
plasma membrane 1 of 7 points
chief function
controls subst movement which aff metabolism ,waste,
plasm membrane 2 of 7 protein receptors
enable cell to interact with oth cells and extracellular subst
plasma membrane 3 of 7 primary composition
lipid bilayer and cholestrol which enhances its structureal integrity
plasma memb 4 of 7
types trans channel ,enzymes cell adhesion molecules ,att cytoskel, cell surface recepter, cell marker (glyco)

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