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Community Health Definitions


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General public or society or a collection of of communities. Generally do not display social action among all members, but among selected subgroups within the population
Populations with some common characteristics who frequently have common concerns, but, like populations, may not interact with each other to address those concerns. School-aged children, persons with HIV, elderly are all expamples of aggregates. Often used to refer to populations at high risk for certain health conditions.
smaller, more homogeneous group than a community and involves an interface with others living nearby and a level of identification with those others. Neighborhoods are self-defined, and often do not have specifically demarcated boundaries.
Geographical Community
Characterized by goegraphic and jurisdictional boundaries
Communities of identity
Communities with a common identity and interest (City, nursing program, etc)
Population health
The attainment of the greatest possible biologic, physchological, and social well-being of the population as an entity and of its individual members. Defined and determined by the perceptions, norms, and values of its members.
Future of public health, public health practice
what we do to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy
Core functions of public health
Assessment, policy development and assurance
assess and monitor the occurrence of health-related problems within the population, as well as identifying factors that contribute to, or prevent, those problems.
Policy development
Advocacy and political action to develop local, state and national policies conducive to population health.
The responsibility of the public health sector to assure availability of and access to health care srevices essential to sustain and improve the health of the population.
Public health practice is directed toward achieving four major outcomes
Health promotion
Health protection
ILlness prevention
Primary prevention
Health Promotion
activities designed to promote the overall health of the population and has been defined by teh WHP as a process of enablihg individuals and communities to increase control over the determinants of health (i.e., healthy diets and exercise)
Health Protection
Minimization of health risks arising from the environment. Control of water pollution is an axample: Control of water polution.
Illness Prevention
Activities designed to prevent the occurrence of specific health problems. Example: Diphtheria immunization.
Primary Prevention
Measure designed to promote general optimum health or the specific protection of man against disease agents. Action taken prior to the occurrence of health problems (immunizations)
Secondary Prevention
Ealy identification and treatment of existing health problems and takes place after the health problems have occurred. (screening, early diagnosis, treatment)
Tertiary Prevention
Activities aimed at retuning the client to the highest level of function and preventing further deterioration in health. Prevention recurrences of the problem. (nutrition)
Medical Practice
Public Health Practice
Leading Health Indicators
Physical Activity
Overweight and obesity
Tobacco use
Substance abuse
Responsible sexual behavior
Mental Health
Injury and violence
Environmental quality
Access to care

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