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Act For The Prosecution of War - Primary


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Joint Resolution For Annexing Texas
Date: March 1, 1845
Source: History Central
"Resolved . . ., That Congress doth consent that the territory properly included within, and rightfully belonging to tbe Republic of Texas, may be erected into a new State, to be called the State of Texas,"
The American/Republic of Texas Governments do not mention anything about taking from mexico in the whole joint resolution for Annexation
How To Start A War- Richard Sanders
Pg. 2
John Stockwell, a Texan who led the CIA’s covert 1970s war in Angola, summed up the start of Mexican American war by saying “they offered two dollars-a-head to every soldier who would enlist. They didn't get enough takers, so they offered a hundred acres to anyone who would be a veteran of that war. They still didn't get enough takers, so [General] Zachary Taylor was sent down to parade up and down the border -- the disputed border -- until the Mexicans fired on him.... And the nation rose up, and we fought the war.”5
How To Start A War- Richard Sanders
Pg. 3
When news of the skirmish arrived, Polk sent a message to Congress on May 11: “Mexico has passed the boundary of the U.S. and shed American blood on American soil.”8 Two days later Congress declared war on Mexico.9
How To Start A War- Richard Sanders
Pg. 3
Newspapers helped the push for war with headlines like: “‘Mexicans Killing our Boys in Texas.’10
With public support secured, U.S. forces occupied New Mexico and California. US troops fought battles across Mexico and stormed their capital. A new more US-friendly government quickly emerged. It signed over California and New Mexico for $15 million and recognized the Rio Grande as their border with the US state of Texas.11
General Taylor became an American war hero and he rode his victory straight into the White House by succeeding Polk as president in 1849.
How To Start A War- Richard Sanders
Pg. 3
Real Reasons
The US secured over 500,000 square miles from Mexico, including Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, California and parts of Colorado and Wyoming.
The war was a boon to US nationalism, it boosted popular support for a very weak president and added vast new territories to the US where slavery was allowed.

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