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Basic Military Requirements CH 10


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NAVPERS 15665 is better known as the _________.
U.S. Navy uniform regulations
The belt worn with dress white trousers should be made from what material?
The same material as the trousers.
What material is the neckerchief made from?
Black silk, acetate, or other suitable material.
The neckerchief is __ inches sqaure.
What knot is the neckerchief tied with?
Square knot
The top of the knot in the necker chief should be even with _______.
The lowermost point of the collar opening.
Men and women wear the neckerchief with dress white and dress blue uniforms.
Women only wear the neckerchief with dress whites
The white hat shoud be worn with the diagonal woven seam of the brim to the _____.
Ribbons are worn ____ above the left breast pocket.
Ship-name sleeve mark is to be worn ____ below the seam on the _____ shoulder.
The dress blue trousers are plain and cuffless and have a ___button broadfall front.
Mens dress blue jumper top should hang how far?
Just above the bottom two buttons on trousers
On mens dress blues the 13 buttons represent the 13 original colonies.
What material are mens dress blue uniforms made from?
Wool serge
Mens dress white jumpers and trousers are made of a polyester material designated as __________.
Navy twill
Can the peacoat be buttoned to the neck?
Yes during foul weather
What uniform Item allows you to wear a clear plastic, combination cap rain cover
The All-weather coat (raincoat)
When large medals are worn with the uniform, the uniform is called __________.
Full dress
Womens dress blue uniform substitutes what for the neckerchief?
A necktie or neck tab
What two bottoms are authorized with womens dress white tops?
White belted skirt
white jumper slacks
When white jumper slacks are used with the white jumper, the hem of the jumper should fall to within __ inch above the bottom of the pocket opening of the slacks.
Womens slacks should cover the heel of the shoe by ___.
One inch
Womens heels will be no higher than ____ inches nor less than ___ inch when measured from the forward edge of the heel.
2 5/8
Women may wear open heel / open toe shoes as deemed by the skipper.
What heels are not authorized for wear by women?
Wedge heels
Why do Division officers conduct seabag inspections?
To ensure personnel have the correct uniforms.
What size stencil should be used to mark clothing?
What is the largest size stencil allowed to mark clothing?
What should be stenciled on uniforms?
name and social
Who may authorize the transfer of uniform clothing?
The job/occupation of a person is known as the _____ while the paygrade is known as the _____.
How many broad occupational groups are there?
What are the Navy's six occupational groups?
What do service stripes indicate?
Length of service
One service stripe is awarded for every __ years of service.
Gold rating badges and service stripes are awarded for __ years of good conduct.
Who is the most senior enlisted person in the Navy?
Master chief petty officer of the Navy
The rating insignia of the MCPON has how many stars across the top?
What replaces the specialty mark of the MCPON?
A star
What replaces the specialty mark of a CMC?
A star
Construction stripes are _____.
Aviation stripes are _____.
Fireman stripes are _____.
Seamen, hospitalmen and dentalmen stripes are _____.
Commissioned officers hold their positions of command by the authority given them by the __________.
President of the United States
How is a line officer identified from a staff corps officer?
A line officer wears a star
All warant officers are comissioned as ___.
A Navy O-7 is refered to as a ________.
Rear admiral lower half
A Navy O-8 is refered to as a ________.
Rear admiral upper half
A Navy O-9 is refered to as a ________.
A Navy O-10 is refered to as an ________.
Admiral or Fleet admiral
An O-10 of the Marines, Army or Airforce is known as a _____.
An O-9 of the Marines, Army or Airforce is known as a _____.
Lieutenant General
An O-8 of the Marines, Army or Airforce is known as a _____.
Major General
An O-7 of the Marines, Army or Airforce is known as a _____.
Brigadier General
Officers currently in command at sea wear the command at sea pin on the ____ breast.
What do personnel who have qualified in all phases of surface warfare wear?
A Surface warfare insignia
What do personnel who have qualified to serve in submarines wear.
A Submarine Warfare insignia
What insignia is worn by
personnel qualified to serve in flight.
Aviation Warfare
What insignia is worn by personnel qualified in underwater and beach reconnaissance, demolition, and special warfare tactics.
Special Warfare
What two enlisted insignias are Gold in color?
Enlisted Aircrew and Naval Parachutist
There are _____ broad categories of awards.
What are the seven broad categories of awards?
1. Military decorations
2. Unit awards
3. Nonmilitary decorations
4. Campaign and service awards
5. Foreign decorations and non-U.S. service awards
6. Marksmanship awards
7. Awards of military
An award given to an individual for a specific personal act of gallantry or meritorious service is known as a ___________.
Military decoration
Who founded the pruple heart in 1782?
George Washington
Who revived the purple heart in 1932?
President Franklin Deleno Roosevelt
What is an an award presented to an operating unit worn only by members of the unit who participated in the cited action.
A Unit award
What type of awards are issued to personnel who have
participated in designated wars, campaigns, expeditions, or who have fulfilled creditable, specific, service requirements.
Campaign and service awards
Medals are attached to the uniform just above the ____ breast pocket.
Persons possessing four or more ribbons must wear a minimum of _____ but may wear all
if desired.
Which of the following is used to identify you as a member of the U.S. armed forces?
A. ID card
B. Dog tags
A. ID card
When must you carry your ID card?
At all times
What is used for identification and casualty reporting?
Dog Tags
What information is contained on dog tags?
SSN and blood type
Religious preference
Hair above the ears and around the neck of men will be tapered from the lower hairline upward at least _____ and outward to greater than _____ to blend with the hairstyle.
3/4 inch
3/4 inch
For men Hair will be no longer than ________and groomed so that it does not touch the ears or collar, extend below the eyebrows when headgear is removed, or interfere with proper wearing of the headgear.
4 inches
For men Sideburns are permitted, but they are to be of even width (not flared), end with a clean shaven horizontal line, and cannot extend below the __________.
middle of the ear
Beards are allowed when under way for long periods of time.
How many rings per hand are permitted?
Women are allowed designs braided into their hair.
Are pony tails authorized for women in uniform?
Are multiple braids allowed for women in uniform?
Women who wear multiple braids should keep them smaller in diameter then ____.
The bulk of womens hair should not extend past __ inches.
Women are authorized to wear what color bands or pins in their hair?
Ones that match the hair color.
Womens fingernails must not exceed _____ measured from the tip of the finger.
1/4 inch
What size earrings may women wear in uniform?
6mm (1/8-1/4 inch)
E-6 and below females wear ___ colored earrings while E-7 and above wear ___.
When may women wear pearl earrings in uniform.
With dinner or formal dress uniforms
How many necklaces or chokers may a service member wear?
One, but it must not be visible
What is the purpose of a formation?
To move a large number of personnel from one place to another in an orderly manner. Another purpose is to make sure people receive correct up-to-date information.
What is the space between the chest of one person and the back of the person ahead within ranks.
40 inches
When in formation the Guide is normaly positioned to the _____.
How far is a pace?
24 inches for women
30 inches for men
What are the two types of commands used in formation?
Preparatory and execution
What is the basic military position?
When at attention your feet form an angle of _____.
Which foot must you keep in place AT EASE?
Your right foot
To perform an about face how far do you place your right foot behind your left?
six inches
On the command FALL IN, the squad forms in line on the left of the right flank member known as who?
The Squad leader
When told to count off all members of the formation except the right flank member turn their head to the _____.
When given the command open ranks, the first line takes how many steps forward?
Two 30 inch steps
When given the command open ranks, the second line takes how many steps forward?
One 30 inch step
When given the command open ranks, the fourth line takes how many steps?
Two 15 inch steps backwards
When given the command open ranks, the third line takes how many steps?
None, the third line stays in place
When given the order to close ranks which rank stands fast?
The first rank
What command is used to secure an individual or an entire command?
Which uniform do female E-6 and below wear with the neckerchief?
The dress white jumper
List four military decorations.
Medal of honor
Navy cross
Distinguished service medal
Purple heart
A rear admiral lower half wears what collar device?
A single silver star
List the four positions of rest for formation.
Parade rest
At ease
Fall out
What is the command to turn your head 45* to the right?
Eyes Right

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