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Jay's MLE


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False elevation in Serum Creatinine
1. Acetone
2. Cefoxitin
Indications of CT Head in patients with Headache
1. Severe new onset headache in a patient with H/O Chronic headache and previously normal CT
2. Sudden onsey of severe headache in any patient > 50
3. Presence of focal neurologic signs
4 Therapeutic strategies for Alzhiemer's disease
1. Cholinergic augmentation with Tacrine, Donepezil, Galantamine, Rivastigmine
2. NMDA blocker - Memantine
3. Alternative medications that improves congnition - Gingko biloba
4. Decrease progression of disease - Vitamin E, Selegeline
Symptoms of Urethral diverticulum
1. Postvoid dribbling
2. Dysuria
3. Dyspareunia
Most effective test to demonstrate a Gastrinoma
Octreotide Scan (it will show both primary lesions and mets to Liver and lymph nodes)
Side effect of Pegylated Interferon
Ideas of Suicide (Depression)
Causes of Flash Pulmonary Edema
1. MS
2. Acute AR
3. Acute MR
Patient with Gouty arthritis, Renal failure develops proximal muscle weakness. CPK is elevated. What is the cause?
Colchicine Myopathy/Neuropathy (mimics polymyositis)
Angioid streaks in Fundoscopy
1. Pseudoxanthoma elasticum
2. Paget's disease of bone
HLA B-27
1. Akylosing spondylitis
2. Reiter's
3. Psoriatic
4. Arthritis associated with IBD
1. SLE
2. Vasculitis
4. Membranoproliferative GN
Most common visual field defect in Idiopathic HTN
Enlargement of the physiologic blind spot
Confirmation of Neonatal CMV
Isolation of virus from Urine
BUN/Cr >20:1
1. Prerenal azotemia
2. Increased protein breakdown (increased protein intake, GI bleed, TPN, Catabolic states)
Antibiotic to be avoided in Cholecystectomy or procedures related to CBD and mionor bile ducts
Ceftriaxone - cause Biliary concrements

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