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Navy gas cylinders


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How is gas measured in the gaseous state?
By volume.
How is acetylene that is dissolved in a liquid measured?
as a gas.
The letter X on a Navy gas cylinder indicates what?
Gas cylinders should be retested how often?
5 years.
If you have a full cylinder but it needs to be retested what should you do?
Use the cylinder then mark it for retest and send it back.
What is the max space temp for stowing gas cylinders?
WHat is a goal of the Navy gas program?
to make cylinder valve noninterchangeable
Of the different safety devices on gas bottles which device ruptures when a cylinder overheats and is commonly used on acetylene?
fusible plug
Which cylinder saftey device is designed to rupture between 2600 and 3000 psi?
backed and unbacked safety cap
How long must an acetylene bottle be horizontal before being used?
2 hours
Why must an acetylene bottle be used in the vertical position?
to allow the porous filler material in the cylinder to settle.
What color is a Medical Oxygen bottle?
Green with a white cap.
What color is an aviator Oxygen bottle?
Green with a white stripe.
What color is an oxygen bottle?
What color is a freon bottle?

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