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Assingment 17


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Which of the following materials would be excellent to make a cast of extremely faint hammer blows on a safe?
What is the approximate circumference of a tire, in feet?
5 to 8
When using a hollow cast with melted moulage, how many minutes should you let it stand before pouring out the excess moulage?
2 to 3
When a laboratory examines cast and mold evidence, class and individual characteristics are considered.
Which of the following types of markers may be used to mark glass fragments.
Grease pencil
Diamond point pencil
Carborundum pencil
Refers to the change of direction of a ray of light passing through a medium.
Refractive Index
Based on the fact that mineral constituents impart a distinctive reaction when this technique is used.
This technique is based on comparing the characteristics of known and unknown pieces of glass.
Has the greatest value in demonstrating major differences between two samples.
Spectrographic analysis
Made when a tool is pressed against or into a receiving surface.
Negative impression
Made when a crowbar is forcefully inserted into a space between a door and the door facing.
Combination mark
Made when a tool cuts into or slides across a surface.
Friction mark
Usually made when a crowbar is used to pry open a door or window.
Negative impression
An impression, cut, scratch, or abrasion made when a tool is brought into contact with an object.
Tool mark
This type of mark may be made by a bolt cutter.
Friction mark
Tool mark evidence may be used for a which of the following reasons?
To link a person who uses a given tool with the crime scene.
To establish a connection between similar evidence discovered in a series of crimes.
To compare a tool mark from a crime scene with a tool mark found on the property of a suspect.
When processing a tool mark as evidence, how many different courses of actions, are available to the investigator?
What are the courses of action to the investigator in regards to tool markings?
Remove the original evidence or the desired portion.
Cast or mold evidence
Request that an examiner from a criminal investigation laboratory come to the scene and develop evidence.
A casting can be just as good or better than the original impression.
An area containing a tool mark that is removed as evidence should be marked with all EXCEPT which information?
Case Number
Investigator's Initials
Date and Time of removal
(except)Command's Name
Serial numbers on manufactured objects are made up of which...?
Individual letters
Combination of Numbers
Combination of Numbers, letters and symbols
Serial numbers are usually attached to objects in which ways?
Permanent Ink
On a normal person, blood usually begins to clot after how many minutes?
3 to 5 min.
What color is blood after it has completely dried?
When a drop of blood falls from 6 to 12 in. the bloodstains appear as a circular disk on a smooth surface.
When a drop of blood falls from 12 to 60 in. the bloodstains appear jagged.
When a drop of blood falls from 2 to 3 yards, it may splash upon impact and form many small bloodstains.
Blood usually clots in approximately how many minutes?
10 to 20 min.
Before sending a bloodstained article to the lab for examination it should be throughly dried. How should the drying process be completed?
Place the article where it can dry naturally.
What fraction of an ounce of blood is required for laboratory examination?
5 cubic centimeters
How many tubes of blood should be submitted to the lab for examination?
Human blood is classified into a total of how many blood groups?
In the continental US what is the approximate percentage of people who belong to blood group AB.
In the continental US what is the approximate percentage of people who belong to blood group O?
Grouping dried blood stains is considerably more difficult than grouping liquid blood.
When human blood is examined in the laboratory, the preferred test is the precipitin test.
For blood group testing, what size bloodstains is generally sufficient for a conclusive determination?
1/2 x 1/4 in.
Approximately what percentage of the population are secretors?
A continous dark line of varying width running up the center. (Hair Evidence)
The outer surface of the hair.
Similar to overlapping shingles on a roof.
The inner portion of the hair.
The core portion of the hair shaft.
Contains the pigmentation of the hair.
What is usually the first thing a laboratory determines about a hair sample?
If it is human or animal
In the case of human hairs the lab determinations may included which...?
How the hair was removed.
How the hair was treated.
Blood grouping.
Contact between two pieces of fabric seldom can be made without an interchange of fiber material.
When known samples from a victim or suspect are collected, what minimum quantity of hair or fabric strands should be collected?
When you secure soil for comparison samples, about how much soil should be collected?
2 tablespoons
When soil sample is taken, it is seldom necessary to dig deeper than how many inches?
1/2 to 3/4 in.
Permits qualitive and quantitive analysis of a substance.
Gas-liquid chromatography
Material to be analysed is injected.
Gas-liquid chromatography
Has no flourescent effect that can be seen with the unaided eye.
Infrared light
The light emission phenomenon resulting is one of flourescence.
Ultraviolet light
Minute quantities of evidentiary material are often analyzed.
A mixture of several substances may be analyzed.
Gas-liquid chromatography
Produces a graph showing the basic constituents and trace elements.
Uses a slightly shorter wavelength than a normal visible light.
Ultraviolet light
The application of this instrument lies primarily in its identification and analysis of substances.
Uses a slightly longer wavelength than normal visible light.
Infrared light
Conditions under which polygraph examinations may be conducted are set forth in which manual?
Only DOD-certified examiners or intern examiners under direct supervision of a certified examiner are authorized to conduct polygraph examinations.

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