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A patient that has the right to be advised in nonclinical terms of information needed to make knowledgeable decisions to constent or refuse tx.
Informed Consent
The word that means - custom or practice; a set of rules or a body of principles
Sensory Dysfunciont, to include hearing and speech impairments, and vision
Physiological Barriers
elements of the enviroment, such as noise
Physical barriers
one's inaccurate perception of self or others
Psychosocial barrier
Consists of observations, Patient verbally gives these to you
S- Subjective
Observations that are made by you, symptoms
the diagnosis of patient's condition
May include labs or rad tests, meds, consults, patient disposition
Is pt short, tall thin, well-groomed, in apparent pain,
General Appearance
appears worried, nervous, excited, depressed, refuse to talk, sleep well, lisp, stutter, sullen, bored
remain in one position in bed, difficulty breathing,
Flushed, pale, cyanotic, hot, moist, clammy, cool, dry, redness, bruised, scarred, laccerated, scratched, perspiring profusely, infested with lice
Pt must be in the best possible Psychological , spriitual, and phsysical condition
Pre op phase
Begins moment patient is taken into operating room
Operative phase
position used for vaginal hysterectomy
Dorsal Recumbent
used for heriorrhaphy
Regional anethesia - types of
Topical, Local, Nerve, Spinal, Epidural, Saddle, Cuadal
Spinal Anesthesia is injected where
subarachnoid space of the spinal canal between the 3rd and 4th lumbar space (or between the 5th lumbar and 1st sacral space.
What type of block is injected into the dural sac at the 3rd and 4th lumbar space and what does it block
Saddle block to the perineal area of body
What type of block is injected into the sacral canal and what does it block?
Cuadal block, and the umbilicus to the toes
What stage of anesthesia is referred to as the stage of induciton or analgesia?
Stage 1
What stage is the stage of excitement, to include muscular activity and delirium, vital signs show stimulation, pt may respond violently
Stage 2
What stage is the operative stage, to include the anesthesiologist to determine what planes that fits the procedure
Stage 3
What are the vital signs for 1st Induction phase of consciousness?
Usual size pupil and Reactive to light, pulse irregular, BP normal
What are the vitial signs for the 2nd Excitement phase
pinpoint to light, pulse irregular and fast, BP high
What are v.s. for 3rd operative phase?
pupils beginning to dilate, pulse steady and slow, BP normal
What are v.s. for 4th danger phase?
pupils dialated, pulse weak and thready, low BP
What stage of anestheisa is the toxic or danger stage?
4th stage
How is a short arm cast applied?
3 layers of webril, make sure each layer overlaps, Dip plaster of paris into water for 5 seconds, Wrap plaster in spiral motion, overlapping by 1/3 Repeat until thick enough to provide support(4-5 layers)
What are the procedures for a long arm cast?
Elbow maintained in a 90 degree position and same as short arm cast
How long does a leg cast typically take to dry
24-48 hrs
what are 2 ways to remove a cast
soaking in warm vinegar and water or cutting
5 stages of death
denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance
What happens during bargaining
people revert to a culturally reinforced concept that good behavior is rewarded, "I'd do anything if I could just turn this around"
what happens during depression
Not only are patients upset of their own personal loss but start to get affairs in order for family

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