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AP Gov't Identification Flashcards


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Jacques Rousseau
"The Social Contract"; believed that people need freedom, yet need to maintain control of their society
The Social Contract
written by Rousseau; motivates reforms in Europe
Thomas Hobbes
"Leviathan"; he believed people should give their freedom to one man who would in return protect them
written by Hobbes; about the structure of society and the monster 'leviathan' (man in a 'state of nature')
John Locke
"Two Treatises on Government"; believed the government derived its power from the people; believed in rights of life, libery, and property
Natural Rights
rights inherent in human beings; Declaration of Independence says these rights are life, libery, and the pursuit of happiness
Consent of the Governed
the people must agree on the ruler
Limited Government
restrictions placed on the ruler/government; i.e. the government cannot take away property
Two Treatises on Government
written by John Locke; stated men are in a state of anarchy naturally, that no one should harm another's "natural rights", and that the people have the right to revoly against an oppressive government
Thomas Paine
"Common Sense"; revolutionary

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