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Granules act as _____
reserve stores of nutrients
Gas Vacuoles: - hollow, ____coated cylinders -aquatic bacteria
- permeable to ___ -expand / contract to adjust _____
protein, oxygen, buoyancy
Functions of the plasma membrane: 1.___ barrier 2. Site where certain “____” are located
Permeability, metabolic proteins
Peptidoglycan is made up of ______
Glycan Tetrapeptide subunits
glycan tetrapeptides form “chains” linked together by___ to form a
continuous mesh-like layer around cell
peptide (glycine) bridges
Gram Pos: Alcohol PG _____s
so spaces close & __+__
become trapped; Gram Neg:__+__ ⇒ is easily released by alcohol wash (doesn't stay purple)
dehydrates, CV + I, CV + I
PG is a critical ____ component of bacteria
Outer Membrane: Composition:
1. Phospholipid bi-layer
2. Proteins - Braun’s lipoprotein - anchors ____
-____ proteins - hollow channels for entry of nutrients, water
3. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)
OM to PG below, Porin
Three Components of Lipopolysaccharide:
- ____ (sugars)
- ____ (sugar)
- ____ (___and ____)
“O - antigen”
Core polysaccharide
Lipid A (glucosamine and fatty acids)
Lipid A's function: _____
anchors LPS into OM
____ gives ____ surface charge to gram neg bacteria
LPS, negative
___ also called “Endotoxin” (although toxicity only due to _____)
LPS, Lipid A
____ gives ____ surface charge to gram pos bacteria (but is not toxic)
teichoic acid, negative
Periplasmic space: between _____ (includes PG layer)
OM and plasma membrane
____ species: No outer membrane; No peptidoglycan
- Envelope consists of a single plasma membrane with very high content of ___ to give stability
→ very fragile
→ stains poorly
→ no consistent shape
Mycoplasma, sterols

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