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American Goverment 2


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Amendment 1
Religious and Political Freedom (1791)
Amendment 2
Right to Bear Arms (1791)
Amendment 3
Quarting Troops (1791)
Amendment 4
Search and Seizure (1791)
Amendment 5
Rights of Accused Persons (1791)
Amendment 6
Right to a Public Trial (1791)
Amendment 7
Jury Trials in Civil Cases (1791)
Amendment 8
Criminal Punishment (1791)
Amendment 9
Rights of People 91791)
Amendment 10
Powers of States and People (1791)
Amendment 11
Lawsuits Against States (1798)
Amendment 12
Election of the President and Vice President (1804)
Amendment 13
Abolition of Slavery (1865)
Amendment 14
Citizenship and Civil Rights (1868)
Amendment 15
Right to Vote (1870)
Amendment 16
Income Tax (1913)
Amendment 17
Direct Election of Senators (1913)
Amendment 18
Prohibition (1919)
Amendment 19
Woman's Suffrage (1920)
Amendment 20
Terms, Congressional Sessions, and Presidential Succession (1933)
Amendment 21
Repeal of Prohibition (1933)
Amendment 22
Limits on Presidential Terms (1951)
Amendment 23
Voting in District of Columbia (1961)
Amendment 24
Abolition of Poll Taxes (1964)
Amendment 25
Presidential Succession, Disability, and the Vice Presidency (1967)
Amendment 26
18-year-old right to vote (1971)
Amendment 27
Congressional Pay (1992)
Article I
Legislative Branch
Article II
Executive Branch
Article III
Judicial Branch
Search and Seizure Exception from Chimel vs. Califorina
Search incident to arrest
Search and Seizure Exception from Terry vs. Ohio
Limited search pursuiant to terry stop
Search and Seizure Exception from Caroll vs. United States
Search of and automobile based on probabal cause
Search and Seizure Exception from United States vs. Davis
Unventory search of an automobile
Search and Seizure Exception from Schnecklots vs. Bustamonte
Consent search
Rule of Law, exception #1
Search incident to arrest.
Must be under lawful arrest.
Can Search person and area of immediate control.
Rule of Law, exception #2
Limited search pursuiant to terry stop.
Reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.
Search for weapons.
Rule of Law, exception #3
Must have probable cause.
Looking for contraband.
Rule of Law, exception #4
Inventory search: police dont want to be held accountable for stuff left in car.
Officers can open the containers only opened and not locked.
Rule of Law, exception #5
Consent Search.
Consent must be volentary, not forced.
Allowed to search only where consent was given.
Elastic Clause
The Congress shall have power ⬦To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof.
Marzist theory
Government is a tool of the rich
Power Elites
-Corperation owners
-Political Leaders
-Top military officers
-People behind the scene
-business people
-Policical leaders
-Union bosses
-University Leaders
(Believe they all of proceding split the power)

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