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El Cid


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What was El Cid's epithet?
He who was born in good hour
What was Cid's horse named?
Who was the king of the moors?
What did Cid want from Bucar?
What was Cid's sword named?
What was Bucar's epithet?
King from beyond the sea
What was Bucar's sword named?
Who is the famous Campeador?
What was Diego and Fernando's epithet?
heirs of carrion
How were diego and fernando related to cid?
they were sons in law
what fraction of the spoils went to cid?
Where do people fear Cid?
Who were cids daughters?
Dona Elvira and Dona Sol
Where were the heirs going to take Elvira and Sol?
What does Cid give the heirs?
money, and Colada, and Tizon
Who was cids wife?
Who does Cid send to follow daughters?
Felix Munoz
Who did the heirs want to kill but couldnt? Why couldnt they?
Moor Abengalbon; he liked Cid too much
What did the daughters beg for from the heirs?
to chop off heads
What does Felix give the girls to use to show he really cares?
new hat
"swear by this beard, which no one has ever torn..."
King Alfonso
Who arranged for the daughters to be married to the heirs?
alvar fanez
Who tells King Alfonso about what happened to the girls?
Muno Gustioz
Where will court be held?
Who helped the heirs?
Don Garcia and relatives
What trail day does Cid arrive?
Why didn't Cid want to cross the Tagus to get to Toledo?
He wanted to have a vigil and fast
How many weeks does the court convene?
What is unusual about the way cid has his men dress?
they wear armor under clothes incase the heirs want to fight
Why does cid dress up so nicely?
to look equal to the nobels

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