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Health Exam Yunker 2


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True of False?

The body produces antibodies immediately after becoming infected with HIV.
True or False?

A person infected with HIV can feel and look healthy.
True or False?

Diagnosis of AIDS is based in part on the presence of one or more AIDS-OIs.
True or False?

AZT is a protease inhibitor.
True or False?

HIV belongs to a family of viruses called retroviruses, which product in a manner that makes them difficult to combat.
True or False?

Lymphocytes, which help the body fight pathogens, are produced by red blood cells.
True or False?

HIV can be present anywhere in the body.
True or False?

Donating blood in the United States puts a person at risk for HIV.
True or False?

Wasting syndrome is an infection of the cells liming the stomach.
True or False?

Since HIV was first detected, several new strains of the virus have emerged.
inflammation of the coverings of the brain
drugs that are injected into the veins
intravenous drugs
a virus that attacks the body's immune system
human immuno-deficiency virus
a highly accurate test used to confirm the results of a reactive EIA
confirmatory test
a stage when the virus is present but not active
infected with HIV
infections and other disease caused by organisms that do not usually produce illness in healthy people with unimpaired immune systems.
AIDS-opportunistic diseases
the first test used to screen for the presence of HIV antibodies in the blood
proteins that help destroy pathogens that enter the body
HIV infection combined with severe immune deficiency
acquired immune deficiency
Efforts to treat and prevent HIV do NOT include...
the immune system becoming overwhelmed by the virus.
A person infected with HIV will almost always...
develop AIDS.
Which sexual practice is NOT a high-risk behavior for HIV infection?
Abstinence from sex
A viral infection with symptoms that include blurry vision, lesions in the exophagus, fever, and abdominal pain.
A progressive disorder in which brain tissue is destroyed, formerly known as AIDS dementia complex
AIDS-related cognitive motor dysfunction
A protozoal infection that can cause encephalitis and is characterized by an altered mental state, paralysis, seizures, and coma
toxoplasmosis gondii
A fungal infection that may cause meningitis or a form of pneumonia and is associated with AIDS
The first test performed to screen for HIV antibodies is the ...
A person is a high-risk for HIV infection if he or she..
uses the same needle used by another person.
The ability of the immune system to fight pathogens decreases when HIV infects and destroys...
T-helper cells.

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