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Chapitre 1:2 Vive l'école!: Asking for and expressing opinions


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Comment tu trouves ça?
What do you think of that/it?
Comment tu trouves... ?
What do you think of . . . ?
Ça va.
It's OK.
It's . . .
C'est super.
It's super.
C'est cool.
It's cool.
C'est facile.
It's easy.
C'est génial.
It's great.
C'est intéressant.
It's interesting.
C'est passionnant.
It's fascinating.
C'est pas mal.
It's not bad.
C'est barbant.
It's boring.
C'est difficile.
It's difficult.
C'est nul.
It's useless.
C'est pas super.
It's not so super.
C'est pas terrible.
It's not so great.
C'est zéro.
It's a waste of time.

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