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Science Test Flashcards Book 1


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the subunits of nucleic acids are
which statement best decribes how decomposers get the good they need to survive? (see hint)
d. they break down nutrients in dead organisms or animal wastes
starch is a
complex carbohydrate
the transmission of characteristics from parent to offspring is
which of the following is a stimulus? (see hint)
all of the above
which statement best describes what happens to a single-celled organism when it is eaten?
its energy is transferred to another organism
cells are (see hint)
all of the above
which of the following organisms reproduces asexually? (see hint)
table sugar is an example of a
simple carbohydrate
what are the four basic necessities of life?
air, water, food, and living space
the molecule that contains the information on how to make proteins is
When a Venus flytrap catches an insect, it is reacting to the stimulus of
Green plants, algae, and some bacteria need ___ to produce food by photosynthesis
all of the above
(sunlight, carbon dioxide, water)
Which of these organisms would you expect to reproduce asexually? (see hint)
the paramecium
which of these organisms has DNA in its cells? (see hint)
both the chettah and the paramesium

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