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Science Test Flashcards (7R)


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Over time, an acorn becomes an oak seedling and then an oak tree. This is an example of...
which of the following is NOT a characteristic that all living things share
(all living things reproduce, all living things sense and respond to change, all living things obtain water by drinking, or all living things use energy)
all living things obtain water by drinking
maintaining a body temperature of 37 degrees celcius and a stable amount of sugar in your blood are both examples of
fungus is an example of a
the pupils of your eyes respond to which of the following stimuli?
the subunits of proteins are
amino acids
___ is a complex carbohydrate manufactured in plants
DNA is a(n)
nucleic acid
which statment best decribes how consumers get the food they need to survive? (look at hint)
c. they eat other organisms
a monkey is made up of trillions of
(see hint)
d. cells
most single-celled organisms
(see hint)
d. all of the above
hemoglobin is a ____ found in red blood cells
a. protein
a change in an organisms environment that affects the organism's avtivities is a
organisms use enery to (see hint)
d. all of the above
organisms must have food because (see hint)
a. food is a source of energy

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