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BUPERSINST 1610.10 2


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Which of the following Formats should you use in entering the date reported or period?
a. 15SEP96
b. 10/01/96
c. 961017
d. 96NOV15
d. 96NOV15
True or False: A LT has been spot promoted to LCDR. "SELECTED" should be entered in block 8 (promotion status).
which of the following formatted dates should you enter as the beginning date for a CTICS who is due a regular report with the ending date of 96FEB06 on his last regular report?
a. 96FEB10
b. 15FEB96
c. 96FEB07
d. 96FEB06
d. 96FEB06
You are preparing a wholly NOB report on a CTA1. Which, if any, of the following blocks may be appropriately marked?
a. Trait grades
b. Career recommendation
c. Promotion recommendation and summary
d. None of the above
d. None of the above
Which of the follwoing is an authorized entry for physical readiness?
a. P/WS
b. E/WS
c. both a and b
d. P/19
c. both a and b
True or False: The reporting senior has just received the drafted EVAL submission for an E-6 and it reflects F/WS in block 20. Comments are not required in this report and it is not considered as an adverse evaluation.
An E-5's participation in his command's last PRT was waived due to a madical problem. Which, if any, of the following physical readiness codes should be used to indicate this condition in block 20 of his upcoming regular evaluation report?
a. P/WS
d. None of the above
True or False: Block 21 - billet subcategory does not require an entry and may be left blank.
When using subcategories in block 21, which of the following entries should be used for a reservist on active duty for 6 months at NTTC Pensacola for active duty training?
True or False: Use of a special billet subcategory must be approved by the CHNAVPERS in advance via the chain of command.
A captain is the reporting senior for a LT. Which of the following entries should be entered into the designator block when the captain is enclosing a letter report?
a. 7441
c. LTR
c. LTR
In completing block 29, what maximum number of characters and spaces may be used in the description of the primary duty?
After entering the primary duty in block 19, the remainder consists of which of the following elements?
a. Duty title
b. Periods not available for duty in which no duties were assigned
c. Job scope statement
d. Each of the above
d. Each of the above
True or False: Each mid-term counseling should be documented on the report for the period in which it occurred.
True or False: The signature of the individual counseled (block 32) should be signed on the counseling worksheet as well as on the fitness or evaluation report.
Which, if any, of the following is signified by a signature in block 32?
a. it verifies that blocks 30 and 31 of the report are accurate
b. Counseling was considered adequate
c. member agreed with counseling
d. None of the above
a. It verifies that blocks 30 and 31 of the report are accurate.
Continuation sheets and enclosures may be included with the FITREP or EVAL report if they are in which of the following formats?
a. A civilian or foreign letter report
b. A letter-extension of a concurrent/regular report
c. A classified le
d. Each of the above
What is the maximum number of (a) characters including spaces, (b) number of lines for the statement for the career recommendation (41 EVAL or 40 FITREP) block?
(a) 20 (b) 2
Which of the following is considered as a required administrative comment in block 43 (EVAL) or block 41 (FITREP)?
a. Performance as a member of a court-material
b. Non-punitive letter of censure
c. Material from privileged investigative r
d. Reason for physical readiness codes N or XX
When typing a CTOCM's evaluation, you enter the information about his receiveing the Navy Commendation award in which, if any, of the following blocks?
a. 41
b. 42
c. 44
d. None of the above
Which of the following conditions should be considered when marking the promotion recommendation block 45 (EVAL) or block 46 (RITREP)?
a. Performance trait grades consistent with recommendation
b. Taking into account the difficulty of the assig
d. Each of the above
Which of the following types of signatures is allowed when completing the signature of reporting senior (EVAL block 50/FITREP block 45) whose name appears in block 22?
a. Signature of individual "acting" during absense of reporting senior<
c. Original of report senior only
True or False: The date entered into block 50 (EVAL) or block 45 (FITREP) does NOT have to be the actual signature date.
True or False: The member's signature is generally required on all regular reports for all pay grades.
When a concurrent report is forwarded to the member's regula reporting senior for signature, which of the following entries should the report contain?
a. Name and rank only
b. Name and command name only
c. Name, rank, title, and command on
c. Name, ran, title, and command only
Which of the follwing (a) application software and (b) preferred diskette size shold be used when preparing an electronic copy of reports readable by BUPERS?
a. (a) MS-Word (b) 5 1/4"
b. (a) BUPERS software (b) 3 1/2"
c. (a) WP5.
b. (a) BUPERS software (b) 3 1/2"
True or False: All reports on diskette should have the same report senior.
True or False: When laser-printing or copying fitness and enlisted evaluation reports, it is preferred that the back of the form by printed or copied head-to-toe.
True or False: When the front and back of the fitness or enlisted evaluation report are prepared on separate sheets, the reporting senior is required to sing both sheets.
Which of the follwoing types of files may be put on a diskette that has reports with various ending dates but the same reporitn senior?
a. EVAL files
b. FITREP files
c. both a and b
d. Counseling files
c. both a and b
You are creating the file name for a diskette with a summary group. Which of the follwoing formates should you use when the first name slphabetical order is PUBLISHER, SSN 123-45-6789?
a. PUBL6789.DBF
d. 6789PU
a. PUBL6789.DBF
The diskette label must include which of the following information?
a. The words EVAL/FITREP
b. Name of program used to produce the reports
c. Reportin gsenior's last name, SSN, command name, and date the labe was written
d. Each of t
d. Each of the above
EVAL/FITREP reports shoub be mailed to BUPERS within how many days of the ending date for (a) acitve duty members and (b) inactive duty members?
(a) 15 (b) 30
True or False: A member is not available to sign the EVAL/FITREP report. you should delay the complete summary group.
Which of the following (a) annotations should be made on the EVAL/FITREP when a member is unavailable for signature and (b) what copy of the report should be forwarded to BUPERS?
(a) Unsigned advance copy, (b) a copy
A commanding officer may submit a FITREP or enlisted evaluation report on an individual who has reported to that CO for which of the follwoing types of duty?
a. Permanent
b. Temporary
c. Additional
d. Each of the above
d. Each of the above
E-5 evaluation reports can be signed by enlisted commanding offciers and officers-in-charge. Personnel in what minimum enlisted pay grade my be authorized by CHNAVPERS to sign an E-5's evaluation?
What exhibit in BUPERSINST 1610.10 should a command use in designating the rate and senior rater of E-6 and below personnel?
What minimum pay grade should the delegated reporting senior be for officer FITREPs?
o-5 or GS-14
True or False: You are a CDR and have been delegated as the reporting senior at a training command. An adverse FITREP has been forwarded to you on one of the officers assigned to the command for training. As the reporting senior you are authorized to sig
What should be the minimum pay grade of a delegated reporting senior for an evaluation report on a CTR1 at an operational command?
The scope of a delegation of authority should meet which of the follwoing requirements defined by the commanding officer?
a. Report only on members junior to themselves
b. Include CO's authority to recommend promotion and advancement
c. Ma
d. Each of the above
True or False: The NSGA commanding officer may not change or add comments to a delegated report.
Which of the following responsibilities does a CO retain for a report with a delegated reporting senior?
a. Submit reprot covering part of the same report
b. Sign or return report that are adverse
c. Sign reports that have been directed as
d. Both b and c above
For what reason would an Immediate Superior in Command (ISIC) assume a reporting senior's responsibilites and authority?
Reproting senior has died
True or False: Upon assuming reporting senior authority, the ISIC should review all delegations of authority that are effective at that time.

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