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jazz pop and rock


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tin pan alley- artist? 1885-1915
berlin, ohan dresser, von, herbert
tin pan alley artist 2nd generation? 1915-1935
berlin, kern. arlen, rodgers, gershwin, porter, ellington

represented a jewish american tradition
tin pan alley artist 3rd generation? 1935
gershwin dies but focus is on performers not the composer
tin pan alley started where?
NYC, and in musicals, movies example vaudville
expain TPA
o Restrained emotional content, idealized, very syrupy, lyrical
o Crooning, sweet, homogenous sound ideal
o Heavy European American influence
o “Let’s dance cheek to cheek” vibe vs shakin’ it
father of country
jimmie rodgers
other country wetern artist
carter family, johnny cash, hank williams, kitty wells, bill monroe, bluegrass boys
country western people type?
considered poor, rural southerners as their own minority group
country western
Nature of music?
o Nasal twang
o Emotional detachment from song, telling a story
o Preference for string instruments
o Music to barn dance to, has ostinato
o Fundamental in its harmony and structure
o Descant singing
center stage for CW when it moves north
Grand ol' Oprey
black popular music/ rhythm and blues before 1955 type?
party music
African American performance style
black popular music/ rhythm and blues before 1955 format?
target audience? of
black popular music/ rhythm and blues before 1955
black target audience
musical pivital to modern music
man who sings high notes
smokey robinson
high note singer
chicks dig it
unrestrained emotional content
anglo american ballad
song that tells a story
communication from hilltop to hilltop
country had drop beats becuase
they weren't schooled
chuck berry
bill haley
Jerry lee lewis
Carl Perkins
Little richard
fats domino
buddy holly
Golden age of rock n roll
WWII brought changes to U.S.
blacks could die for america but still no civil rights

People went to different parts of the country and took music with them

women-were sheltered, not anymore
worked in factories
could now maintain reputations
Golden age of R&R
transiter radio
golden age of R&R
suffering infleunces music
holacost-people dying all over
alan freed
radio jockey played both races on mainstream radio

in cleveland-hall of fame is there
buddy holly is from where
west texas
75% blues
25% country
gives you what
Rock and Roll
elvis is poster child for what

who was he before
rock and roll

a trucker
who signed elvis
sun records
jerry lee lewis marries who
his 13 year old cousin
elvis was sent where?
The army sent elvis to Germany
chuck berry violated what law
took a girl accross state lines
lil richard sees what and does what?
he sees spunik and retires to church music
pat boone
teen idol
covered many R&B songs
brill building?
created song writing team
wrote many R&R songs for such artist like beach boys
ricky nelson
TV star
dick clark
host of the tv show american bandstand
promoted many bands- beach boys
black commericalism
motown records
similar to white commericalism
tin pan alley slows when?
black commericalism
smokey robinson wrote lryics that were____?
I want to hold you
before music was about getting in bed with your girl
BC more about what
power than racism

music that sounds good in cheap car radios

orchastras now fine with blacks
martha and the van dellas
motown band
berry gordy
motown pioneer, worked in a car factory
maintained the power of music in motown
great ears for knowing hit songs
berry gordy was a father figure
the artist had to find themsleves in motown
berry would get them started, give them shelter and feed them
then like parents you have to leave and become who you are
prince of motown
marvin gaye- sang whats going on
diana ross
queen of motown
motown doesn't make artists good
motown puts the spotlight on the artists
who left their legacy in motown for hollywood
berry gordy
stevie wonder plays
and is a child prodigy
micheal jackson
goes to motown
fed up with being told how to sing
called berry gordy and complained
golen age
represented optimism in black communities
beetles arrive in U.S. from liver pool
had been working together mid 50's
notes about beetles
appearence on the ed sullivan show

write their own songs
AABA format
A sections are blues
british band dominating in american music industry
the beetles
played with no guitar, no drums... but used chello singing a love ballad, string cortette
the beetles
were wolves in sheep clothing
the beetles
george martin
helped beetles produce music
party or serious
james brown
great social and business leader
soul music
food as a sex metaphor
came from the south
best soul ballad artist
aretha franklin
british rock artists came from?
british art schools
self taught
from seattle
wild child
scultured noise
pushes R&R language
abstract music
jimi hindrex
rock and roll degrades women
janis joplin
chuck berry from
st. louis

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