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Quiz 11 roots and verbs


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Tuperware is a famous brand of _______ containers.
plastic (adj) capavle of being molded or shaped
The paleontologists had to be skilled in the art of _____ in order to dissect the fossils with care.
Osteotomy (n) a cut in a bone
My mother told me never to pick up a ________ needle, because of fear of disease.
hypodermic (adj) below the skin
______ runs in my family. In fact all of my cousins had surgery on their nasal passages
sinusitis(n) an inflammation of ths sinuses
Migranes are characterized by severe _______
cephalagia (n) pain in the head
I felt like I had the _________ becuase I jsut could not get intersted in anyting.
Doldrums(n) low spirits, dull gloomy, listless
The ______ Bible was used by scholars of ancient languages.
Ployglot (n) speaking or writing in several languages
His _______ evnetually required a special cream to soothe the dryness.
dermatitis (n) any inflammation of the skin
His _________ eventually required a special cream to soothe the dryness.
dactylogoy(n) the use of a finger language as in sign language
Gallaudet University, a school for the deaf, is a place where you can see ________in action.
chiromancy (n) prophesy based on the characteristics of the hands; palmistry
I simply can not believe that someone can tell not only your future, but also your personality using_______.
dolor(n) sorrow, or grief
I am so ______ because my dog died.
dolorous (adj) very sorrowful or sad

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