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Ch. 23 The Light and our World


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flat mirror
plane mirror
mirror thats curved inward like the inside of a spoon
concave mirror
mirror thats turned outward like the outside of a spoon
convex mirror
a straight line drawn outward from the center of the mirror
optical axis
light rays entering the mirror parallel to the optical axis are are reflected through a single point
focal point
distance between the mirror's surface and the focal point
focal length
transparent objects that bends or refracts light waves such that they come together or go apart to create an image
thicker in the middle than at the edges
convex lens
thinner in the middle than at the edges
concave lens
device that produces intense light of only wavelength and color
what does laser stand for
Light Amplification by Stimulation of Radiation
piece of film that produces a 3-D image of an object made by laser light

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