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3rd Grade Health Test


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What changes food into a form the body can use?
digestive system
What are nutrients from the soil that are found in foods?
What are foods that contain sugar and startch?
What is the ability to do work?
Where does the body get energy?
food we eat
What are substances found in food that helps your body to grow and develop?
Four examples of citrus fruits
Six nutrients
What vitamin helps clot the blood?
Vitamin K
What vitamin comes from citrus fruits?
Vitamin C
What vitamins come from dark green and yellow vegetables and fruits?
Vitamin A
What vitamin has eight different vitamins together?
Vitamin B
What vitamin is known as the sunshine vitamin?
Vitamin D
What vitamin do you need when you eat more fats and oil?
Vitamin E
3 good rules to obey when crosssing the street
wait for green light/walk sign,look both ways when crossing,do not cross between cars

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