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ESC101 Wind Chapter


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Wear away of a rock surface by particle impact.
Removal of loose soil particles. May form a Lag deposit ("Desert Pavement")
Eolian Erosion Processes
Eolian Transport Processes
-Surface Creep
-Movement without touching ground.
-Affects only smallest particles.
Surface Creep
-Sliding r rolling over surface.
-Affects largest particles
barchan dune
crescent shaped and usually occurs as individual dunes in a group.
Transverse dunes
form connected rose perpendicular to the wind.
Parabolic dunes
found where wind is bi-directional.
Longitudinal dune
forms a ridge of sand parallel to the wind.
Two important factors in dune formation
-Wind Direction
-Sand Supply
Complex/"star" dunes
Wind that comes from many different angles and forms a complex star shape.

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