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American History Movies and what can be learned from them


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______ was the Revolutionary War battle with the most French influence
The _____ showed many examples of warfare tactics that allowed us to win the Revolutionary War
What native American stereotype was anamlistic and not very human. And what was the opposite stereotype
ignoble savage and noble savage
What native American stereotype involved a native American crying
Ecological Indian
What native American stereotype is used on Land o' Lakes butter
Indian Princess
What sort of warfare tactics did the Apaches use
Bait and attacking from above in a narrow canyon
What was the impact of the Irish immigrants on america
Helped with construction of the erie canal
What was the Irish immigrants greeted with and used to manipulate the Irish immigrants
Politics and religion
What battle were African Americans allowed to first fight alongside their white counterparts
Fort Wagner
What did the movie Glory show
The discrimination of African Americans in the military
What did the movie Cold Mountain show
The women's role during the civil war
What was the organization that helped women and their families during the civil war that did not give out cash
Ladies Industrial Aide Association
What was the duration of the Civil War
What was the Johnson County War about?
Large Ranchers and Small Ranchers and their lack of knowledge about ranching
Who was the Son of the morning star
What did Son of the Morning Star show about Custer
His arrogance, ruthlessness, ego and ambition
What event marked custer's death
Custer's Last Stand
When was the Endangered Species Act
What is the movie Sometimes a great notion about?
Timber resources, and the logging communities that appeared
What was Johnny Got His Gun about?
Treatment of veterens
What person does Iron Jawed Angels follow in its timeline
Alice Paul
What did Alice Paul push for
the 19th amendment - women to vote
What were the steps taken for the 19th amendment to get passed
The White House was picketed, there were parades
What did Roots accomplish
Gave feedback for Gone with the Wind and showed the opposite side of slavery
Who was the slaves white man's name in Roots?
What happened to Malcolm X after going to Mecca
He got a different view on how to get equality
What was Malcolm X's views for how to get equality
Violence was okay then after his trip to Mecca armed defence
When was the Cuban Missle Crisis
What was the conflict surrounding the movie Flight 93
That it was too early
What did the producer of Flight 93 do to make it alright to produce it when the did
they interviewed the families of the deceased to insure accuracy

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