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5210.9A Forms and Report Management Program


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How many Forms and Reports Management Officers are their?
The Regulation and Directives Branch is responsible for what forms?
Navmed, DD, SF, and OF forms
What is the time frame for initiating forms?
4-6 months for flatsheet and 6-8 months for specialty
What form is needed to revise or cancel a form?
OPNAV 5213/19 (Request for New or Revised Form)
What is the routing to change or cancel a NAVMED form?
Via the HQ BUMED Forms Sponsor to the NAVMED/BUMED Forms Manager
What must happen before submission of a proposed or revised form?
Must get clearance from other interested departments within th eactivity and within the Navy Medical community
What material must be submitted to revise a form and how many copies?
*Completed OPNAV 5213/19
*Draft of new or revised form
*Copy of the proposed directive

*Four copies are needed.
How often are forms reviewed to determine need, improvement revision, or cancelation?
What items are not authorized for overprint?
Medications and procedures
What items are allowed for overprint?
Stable data and repetitive information such as activity neam, address, telephone number, etc...
Who is responsible for the maintenance of th eManual of the Medical Department Chapter 23 Section 1?
The Regulations and Directives Branch (MED-914)
What form is used to cancel a report?
OPNAV 5214/10

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