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Chapter 14 Taste


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What are retronasal olfactory sensations?
sort of smelling through the mouth instead of the nose
What are papillae?
Filiform, fungiform, foliate, circumvallate
What are the basic tastes?
salty, sour, bitter, sweet, umami
What inhibits bitterness?
What is the chorda tympani nerve?
branch of cranial nerve VII that carries taste information from the anterior, mobile tongue
What are filiform papillae?
small structures on the tongue that provide most of the bumpy appearance;no taste function
What are fungiform papillae?
mushroom-shaped structures that are distrubuted mainly on the edges of the tongue
What are foliate papillae?
folds of tissue containing taste buds;rear of tongue
What are circumvallate papillae?
circular structures that form an inverted V on the rear of the tongue
What is the insular cortex?
part of cortex that first receives taste information
What is the orbitofrontal cortex?
receives info from the insular cortex
How are neutransmitters sent for taste?
Thalamus, gustatory cortex and orbitofrontal cortex
What are labeled lines?
theory of taste coding in which each taste nerve fiber carries a particular taste quality
What is pattern coding?
the pattern of response across the set of receptors gives percept
What are nontasters?
an individual born without receptors for the bitter componeet 6-n-propylthiouracil
What are tasters?
individual born with receptors for the bitter compound PROP (high density of fungiform)
What is the specific hungry theory?
idea the need for a nutrient will cause the body to crave it
What is retronalsal olfaction?
comes through the mouth, enters the nasal cavity through the back
What is orthonasal olfaction?
comes through the nostrils, enters the nasal cavity through the front

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