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The ability of matter to attract matter to itself.
The process by which elementary magnetic domains of a material are alighned predominantly in one direction.
magnetic domains?
Materials that can be magnetized possess atoms that group into submicroscopic regions.
Un-magnetized domains are aligned how?
They are randomly oriantated.
Magnetized domains are aligned how?
The are align themselves parallel with the magnetic field.
poles are attacted to earths magnetic pole and are therefore called?
North and south pole.
Objects are magnetized when part or all of its molecules are what?
This quality of having two opposite magnetic poles is called?
A conceptual representation of magnet flux that can be illustrated vy the line pattern produced when iron fillings are sprinkled on paper laid over a permanent magnet?
Mangetic lines of force.
The strength of the magnetic field is?
field intensity
represents the level of magnetism or?
flux density
flux lines are proportional to the what?
amount of magnetism in parts
What seeks a new path around surface cracks due to high reluctance of air?
magnetic flux lines
when a magnetic field is inturupted by a discontinuity?
leakage field
the stronger the leakage field the what?
The closer the discontinuity is to the surface.
magnetic fields must be in a faborable direction with respect to a discontinuity to produce an indication. This is called what?
effects of flux direction
Best results for inspecting discontinuities are optained when?
flux lines are perpendicular to it.
when magnetic field has little or no effect on the material?
when magnetic field has some effects on the material?
when magnetic field has great effect on the material?
what procedure do you clamp the part between the contact plates to induce circular field?
circular magnetism1
what is used for hollow parts?
Central conductor bar
Why do you do circular magnitization first?
because you can not verify magnetization or demag
when parts are placed in a coil you are doing what?
longitudinal magnetization
In lognitudinal magnetization poles run?
South to north inside the part.
what kinds of magnets have longitudinal fields?
ease of a magnet to be magnetized is know as?
ease of magnetization indicates?
high permability
difficulty of magnetization indicates?
low permability
Property of a metal to retain magnetic FIELD after the magnetizing force has been removed.
metals with strong magnetic fields have high?
Low retentivity means what?
the part loses most of its magnetizim
magnetism remaining after a magnetic force has been removed?
residual magnetism
chemical properties and size and shape of the material determine what?
The amount of residual magnetization.
what is reluctance?
The resistance of a material to establishment of magnetic flux.
negitive or revers magnetizing force used to reduce magnetic field?
coercive force
If magnetic force is reversed and gradually removed what will happen?
magnetism will diminish.
What is electrical current used for?
is use to induce or creat magnetic fields in parts.
what type of current as a single phase or multipule phase?
what type of currentis used for surface detections?
DC is the bes sourced of?
Best sorce of rectified A/C
If you are doing 100% inspection what type of current will you use?
When an electrical current is passed through a conductor what happens?
a magnetic field is formed arount the conductor.
Amount of electrical current determines the amount of what?
amount of strength it will have
the stength in a coil conductor is determined by?
The amount of loops
The H-710G Is?
Horizontal stationary inspection unit.
H-710G uses what type of partical application?
Wet partical only!
What type of partical application does the KCH-3d use?
Wet or dry
What are the duty cylces for a KCH-3d?
0-600 amps continous use

600-1200 amps 3 min on-5min off

1200-2000- 1 min on 5 min off

2000-3000- 1 min on 10 min off
These are all for AC
DC output duty cycles for KCH-3D?
0-1250- continous

1250-2000- 1 min on 5 min off

2000-3000- 1 min on 10 min off
DA-200(parker probe) and the TTU-432/E are used and transported how?
Used on ship or shore and are hand carried.
The DA-200 and the TTU432E use what type of partical applicaltion?
Wet or dry
The DA-200 and the TU432E are powered by?
single phase HWRAC
The DA-200 and the TTU432E use what type of current for Demag?
AC withdraw for both

AC decay for the TTU432E
DA-200 is what type of device?
Yoke type that only provided logitudinal.
How due you apply dry particals?
by hand with a rubber squeeze bulb or plastic squeeze bottle.
How do you apply wet particals?
bath or aerosol
What is the residual method of application for particals?
apply power, stop power, apply bath, stop bath
apply bath, apply power, stop bath, stop power is what type of method.
continous which is the most common.
what is the amps for a uniform and cylindrical in shape?
300-800 normally 500
low permeability alloys or inclusions amps would be?
the greatest two distances on the outside of the part are?
the distance.
What formula do you use to find the wall thickness?
what formula do you use to get your head shot?
Diameter x type steel.
what formula do you use to determain the number of turn?
How do you determain your circumfrence for your CBC turns formula?
ID X pie
Why is it critical to determain the cross sectional area of a part compared to the cross sectional area of the coil?
So that you know if the part goes on the bottom or centered in the coil.
What is the formula to find the area of the coil?
A=pie X Rsq
for the area of a rectangle or square part you would use what formula?
If the cross sectional are of the part is less than 10% of the coil area where does your part go
bottom of the coil.
when your parts cross sectional area is greater then the area of the coil your part goes?
centered in the coil
What formula do you use to find the affective diameter of a hollow part?
draw it!
Length to diameter ratio as to be greater than or less than what.
Greater than 2in or less then 15in if its over you use 15 if its under you use extension.
magnetizing fields extend how far from the center of the part?
6-9 inches
why is it critical to determine the relationship between the cross sectional area of the part and the cross sectional area of the coil?
So that you know where to put your part inside the coil?
to find the area of the coil and the part what formula would you use or circuar areas?
draw it/say it.
To find the area of a square what formula do you use?
draw it or say it
for the part to be on the bottom the cross sectional area of the part has to be less than what
What formula would you use to find the effective diameter of a circle and a square?
draw it
(L/D) determines what?
The effective are of the field distance.
Your length to diameter as to be in between a ratio of what. If its over or under what do you do?
Between 2-15 in. Over you use 15 and under you use extensions.
the useful magnetizing field extends how far in the coils?
6-9in for the center line each way
How much over lap do you need for if your part is 60 inches and how many times would you shot it?
Its to big you would have to do a cable wrap.
What is the formula for a part lying in bottom of coil?
draw it
whatis the formula for centering a part in the coil?
draw it
what is the formula for cable wrap?
draw it?
What is the purpose of demagnetization?
to reduce the magnetic field retained in the part.
Aircraft ferromagnetic parts are demaged when?
part is installed on a/c
part needs further machining
welding is involved
ball bearings or gear teeth
effects coating
prevents proper cleaning
mangetic fields do what continously>
reversing and decreasing at the same time
decreased magnetism is accomplished by?
smaller and smaller hystersis loops created by decreasing currnet.
The smaller the hysteresis loop produced the more what?
Demag that has been accomplished.
what type of dmag is more comvienent but does not penetrate very deep below the surface?
What kind of demage works well on larg parts?
AC step down. and AC decay
AC coil withdraw is more suitable for what?
Small parts and larg numbers of parts.
What type of dmag is the most complete and affective?
DC Multi point reversing step down
when dmaging you want to get the residual to what?
the lowest posible level.
a part is considered to be satisfactorily demaged when its mag field is at or be low how many gauss meter or below what for the feild indicator?
3 and 2
what is the most accurate way to messure residual magnetism?
Field indcator
when do you have to have your part lying east to west for mesuring residual?
when you use a compass indicator.
What are the six things you need to learn about a part when you recive it?
alloy, shape, size, surface condition, permability, and retentivity
what type of partical insures a complete coverage, partical mobility, and indicates tight defects?
Wet partical charachteristics?

.0002-.006 in

what collor is visible particals?
Black or red
what is the only authorized partical type for A/C?
Wet flourecent
what type of partical is considered superior in detecting subsurface discontinuities but lacks mobility and are harder to apply?
dry partical charachteristics?
elongated rod shaped

.002-.006 in

gray, black, red, or yellow
what are the two different directions of magnetic fields?
longitudinal or circular
When using a mag bench what do you stand on?
isulating floor matting rated for the voltage of equipment
what is the Need for process control?
MAG partical is not a fail safe method.
what are two reasons flaws can be present and not indicated?
substandard material or equipment and process diviation
What is the primary reason for material degradation>
What are the 5 things that cause material degradation>
water, organic coatings, organic solvants, dirt, soil , other insoluble materials, and acid an alkelines.
At what temp does heat degradation cause flourecents to go bad and what temp destroys them?
140 and 250 degrees F
material contamination, equipment malfuction, and procedure diviation are what?
Directly porportional to the no of parts inspected.
why are minimul test schedules set?
Due to the lake of uniformity of work load.
new material needs to be what be for put into service?
You perform a petroleum based vehicle contamination check prior to what?
mixing inspection bath
petroleum based vehicles have to sit for how long before performing a check?
1 hour in original container
how do you inspect for flourecents you your petroleum?
with a black light
How do you perform a bath contamination check?
using a cetrifuge tube
partical contamination about recommended levels could cause what?
excessive background indications and below limits may miss defects.
what do you have to test daily and after 8 hrs of continuous use.
your bath
when using the centifuge tube how do you messure fluorecent consentration and the visible particle concentration
.1-.4 for fluorecent

1.2-2.4 for visible
petroleum based contamination check is performed when?
prior to each use at least once each day.
examain fluid in centrifuge tube it should not do what?
should not fluorece
pet contamination should not exceed what?
30% of bath concetrate
background fluor check should be performed when?
Prior to each use and after every 8 hrs of countinious use.
what tool is used to check stationary voltage?
keto tool
how often do you check AC/DC on a stationary unit?
every seven days
perform amperage inticator accuracy check when?
Every six months
perform quick break check every?
60 days
what is a quck break check for?
checks rapid colaps of magnetic field

tested at 2000 amps for .5 sec.
ded weight lift check is done?
every 30days
dead lift check is performed on what?
electromagnetic yokes DA-200
determination of what causes and indication
surface indications are usually?
well defined build up of particals
subsurface defects are indications are usually
broad and fuzzy
Surface discontinuites are more harmfull then?
Sharp discontinuies such as fatigue cracks and grinding cracks are more harmful then
rounded discontunities
discontinuities weather surface or subsurface that lies at a right angle to applied stress is more likely to be harmful then?
one that lies parallel to applied stress.
Classify deffect indications?
A-positive defect
C-No defect
SD-surface defect
what is an extension of the magnetic particle inspection method used for detecting flaws in problem areas?
mag rubber inspection
What is manetic rubber inspection used for?
areas with limited visual accessability.

coted surfaces

complex shapes and edges
MRI procedures?
obtain material, clean area, remove surface inperfections, form resevior dam.
MRI mixing and measuring?
must be mixed good with no streaks or color variation.

messure one gram runbber bas equals on cubic centimeter base material
Perferred magnetizaion method for MRI?
DC portables.

May also use mobile or stationary.

stationary has limited use.
Defect to field orientation. when using portable equip?
Pour mixed materials
mag in one direction
wait 60 sec
rotate probe 90 degrees and remag

allow to cure.
what do use use to examine MRI indications
7x - 10x illuminated magnifing glass.
Determination of what causes a indication.
Surface indications?
Well defined build up of particals.
Subsurface indications?
Usually broad and fuzzy
Surface discontinuities are more harmful than?
You should perform and amerage indicator accuracy check how often?
at least once every 6 mon.

Check for proper output
Quick break check is performed when?
Every 60 days.

Check for rapid collaps of magnetic field.

Check using 2000 amps for .5 sec.
Dead weight lift check is performed on what unit?
DA-200 parker probe.
Dead weight lift check is performed how often?
Every 30 days

Checks for proper AC and DC
What are the inspection procedures for Dead weight check For AC and DC?
For AC space legs of yoke two to four inches aprt place 10 lbs weight and lift weight with unit engaged.

For DC Use 30 lbs weight.

for 40-50 lbs test spread legs 4-6 inches apart.
magnetic partical inspection includes exposure to?
oil, pastes, and electrical current.
Flaws can be present and not indicated for a number of reasons name two?
Substandard materials either new or through service degradation or process diviation in equipment procedures or condition.
New material must what before use?
petroleum based vehicle check done when?
prior to mixing inspection bath.
before performing pet base vehicle check it must sit for how long?
1 hour
in use bath concentration camp?
used to insure proper particle to bath ratio.
Bath concentration check is done when?
Performed daily and after 8 hours of consecutive use

Flourecent particals should be .1-.4 and 1.2-2.4 for visible particals
pet based contamination check is performed when?
Prior to use at least once a day.

Contamination will not fluorece.

Contamination shall not exceed 30%
background flourecenet checkshall be performed when?
Prior to each day and after every 8 hours of continous use.
arosal cans should be checked for?
performance and residual magnetism propr to each use and demaged if necessary
Mobility checks are performed.
On dry powder materials at least once a day prior to use.

Or every seven days.
System effectiveness check is done?
At least every seven days with ketos tool stell ring inspection

It is used to verify aperage.
For system effectivness you can see how many indications on AC and DC
AC-1000 1 line

DC- 1400 3 holes, 2500-5 holes, and 3400-6 holes.

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