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English 2 First Semester Exam


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copy deck
mechanical hound
threat of technology
self reflection
the sand and the seive
retnetion of knowledge
burning bright
destruction of city
parlor walls
mind control
the pheonix
hope emits destruction
the hearth and the salamander
two faced montag
snakes and beetles
adult/seeing clearly
order/sound and silence
evin in everyone
Weasel Word
Modifiers that tend to negate the claim that follows.
helps, like, virtually, can be, up to, as much as, tackles, fights, resists, the feel of, the look of, looks like
Unfinished Claim
ad claims the product is better or has more of something but does not finish the comparison.
Magnavox gives you more. Supergloss does it with more color, more shine, more sizzle, more.
"We're Different and Unique"
states simply that there is nothing else quite like the product advertised
There's not other mascara like it. Olny Doral has this unique filter system.
"Water is Wet"
Say something about the product that is true for any brand in that product category.
Mobil: the Detergent Gasoline. Rheingold, the natural beer. Great Lash greatly increases the diameter of every lash.
"So What"
kind of cliam to which the careful reader will react by saying, "so what?" claim is made which is true but gives no real advatage to the product.
Campbell's give you not one but two chicken stocks. Geritol has more than twice the iron of ordianty supplements.
Vague Claim
simply not clear. often usues weasel words nd overlaps with other claim categories. key to vaue claim is the use of the words that defy exact verifictaion.
Lips have never looked so luscious. Its deep rich lather makes hair feel new again.
Endorsement or Testimonial
celebrity or authority appears to lend some of his magic powers to the product
Scientific or Statistical Claim
uses scidetific proof, very specific numbers or impressive sounding words or ingredients.
Wonder bread helps build stong bones in 12 ways. Special Morning=33% more nutrition.
"Compliment the Consumer"
flatters the potentional customer.
We think cigar smokers are somebody specila. You've come a long way baby. You pride yourself on good home cooking. The lady has taste.
Name Calling
Descreditting a person or a product by putting down; negetive name or product.
Subway vs. Quiznos
Coke vs. Pepsi
Plain folks
Identify with commmon everyday people
Band wagon
Everybody's doing it
Identify product w/ culture and family
Identify product w/ sale
Card Stacking
present only selected facts

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