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Chapter 4 Perceiving and Recognizing Objects


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What is structuralism?
school of thought that held that complex objects or perceptions could be understood by analysis of the components
What is Gestalt?
school of thought that stressed that the perceptual whole could be greater than the apparent sum of the parts
What is good continuation?
2 elements will tend to group together if they seem to lie on the same contour
What is texture segmentation?
carving an image into regions of common texture properties
What is similarity?
the tendency of 2 features to group together will increase as the similarity between them increases
What is proximity?
tendency of two features to group together will increase as the distance between them decreases
What is paralleism?
parallel contours are likely to belong to the same figure
What is symmestry?
symmetrical regions are more likely to be seen as figure
What is common region?
two features will tend to group toether if they appear to be part of the same larger region
What is connectedness?
two items will tend to group together if they are connected
What is common fate
visual elements will tend to group together if they are doing the same thing
What is synchrony?
if all items in a set of change at the same time those items will tend to group together
What is an ambiguous figure?
visual stimlus that gives rise to two or more interpretations of its identity or structure
What is an accidental viewpoint?
viewing position that produces some regularity of the visual image that is not present in the world
What is a nonaccidental feature?
feature of an object that is not dependent on the exact viewing position of the observer
What is global superiority effect?
finding in the various experiments that the properties of the whole object take precendence over the properties of parts of the object
Waht are geons?
structural parts that can form any objects when put together
What is viewpoint invariance?
always able to recognize object no matter angle seen from
What are Greebles?
characters made from geons
What is prosopagnosia?
-inability to recognize specific faces
What causes prosopagnosia?
a focal stroke
What is the motion area in the brain?
What is the template theory?
proposal that the visual system recognizes objects by matching the neural representation of the image with a stored representation of the same shape in the brain
What is the extrastriate cortex?
region of cortex bordering primary visual cortex and containing multiple areas involved in visual processing
What is the temporal lobe concerned with?
what things are
What is the parietal love concerned with?
where things are
What is the inferotemporal cortex?
part of the cerebal cortex in the lower portion of the temporal lobe

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